This angel card reading comes from the Archangel Power Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD, and Radleigh Valentine. Three very positive cards were drawn. Each Archangel is happy to share his/her uplifting message with you now.

Nine of Ariel (Minor Arcana)

Your dreams are fulfilled! Hard work leads to great success. A love for the beautiful things in life.

To begin, Archangel Ariel brings us this uplifting message regarding the finer things in this physical life. She applauds your efforts to work hard in order to do well. As a result, you are rewarded in many ways. Certainly, there is pride in doing a good job. In addition, the ability to obtain material things can be rewarding on an aesthetic level. Life becomes easier and more pleasurable.

Because you are living a human life here on Earth, the physical aspects are important. The more comfortable you are, the more time you can devote to time consuming activities like reading, writing, music, and art in areas that interest you. Or perhaps, you prefer playing sports, keeping yourself fit, and eating well.

Regardless of how you prefer to experience the rewards you have earned through your efforts, you are most fortunate to be able to do so. Be grateful for your abilities and what you have achieved. Gratitude enables you to enjoy your material possessions highly.

The Lovers (Major Arcana)

Archangel Raphael: Make choices from your heart. Deeply emotional commitments. The power of love.

This uplifting message about love and heart choices from Archangel Raphael is beautiful. He offers you several perspectives of love. The most important is self love. Certainly without it, life cannot be all it could be. Self love is love for yourself through high self esteem, gratitude for all you are, and a willingness to be vulnerable in order to connect with others. In other words, he advises you to make choices from your heart first, not your head, in all you do.

When you love yourself deeply, you have the capacity to love others deeply as well. In other words, the depth of love you hold for others is similar to that you hold for yourself. This applies to romantic love, and parental love, as well as deep friendships. Raphael reminds you truly deep emotional commitments begin with your own self love. Most importantly, it is from there that you have the capacity to open your heart to others and be vulnerable. Being vulnerable does open you up to hurt, but it also opens the door to joy. When your self esteem is high, you’re willing to take the chance of being vulnerable and loving unconditionally. Ultimately, that is your spiritual purpose here on earth in this lifetime.


The World (Major Arcana)

Archangel Michael: A very happy ending! Coming full circle. Spiritual growth and insight.

Archangel Michael brings good news! A situation in life which you are processing is coming to an end. You have labored to resolve it to your satisfaction. Now, success is yours! Your experience gives you valuable information. You are acquiring important knowledge on what it means to be accomplished. How do you feel? Certainly, struggle and adversity sometimes make you wonder if you should continue on this path. However, you worked it through, trusting in your innate abilities.

This uplifting message also has a spiritual component to it. The reason you are here on this planet is to learn important lessons that over time help you become the best you can be. By trusting in your inner vision, and remaining true to your goals, growth follows. Each time a problem arises, it provides an opportunity to learn.

When you stick with it and work it through, both spiritual understanding and vibration increase. This may not always be realized consciously. But in actuality, those feelings of accomplishment and pride are a reflection of just that. Most importantly, Michael is saying, first, the more you go through the process, the more you learn. Second, the more you learn the better you feel. And in addition, the better you feel, the more your vibration rises. Subsequently, it all helps you better understand who you are as a spiritual being.

In short, the Archangels are telling you to work hard, enjoy your rewards, love yourself and others, and walk the spiritual path to be the best you can be here and now. Adonai.