Angel Card Reading

Communicate With The Angels

The angels are always available to help us. We can enlist their assistance by requesting it in our thoughts, prayers, or through Angel Card readings. Anita trained with Doreen Virtue to become a Certified Angel Card Reader.

Tarot card readings have been used for hundreds of years to help people understand their past, its relationship to the present, and the possibilities for the future. A card reading could help you gain insight into your life- the joy, as well as sorrow.

Traditional Tarot cards have included phrases and images that can be frightening and intimidating. Doreen Virtue, an internationally known expert in communication with, and understanding of the angel realm, collaborated with world known Tarot expert, Radleigh Valentine, to develop several Tarot decks that reflect the positive energies of the angels combined with the wisdom of the Tarot.

Angel card readings are usually done with a combination of Angel Tarot cards and other decks of celestial messages, to bring you comprehensive answers to your questions.

Angels of Light Card Readings and Healing

Angels of Light oracle cards, written and illustrated by Ambika Wauters, offer a commentary, meaning, affirmation and prayer for each card drawn. We will examine the cards and discuss how their wisdom can be a guide in your life.

Then you will receive an Angels of Light healing. This healing energy comes to you from the Angels of the Council of Love. It “calms, balances and purifies the aura and all the energetic/etheric bodies. It purifies, balances, and integrates the chakras, and aligns your energetic bodies with the higher realms of angelic consciousness. It improves your sense of health and wellbeing. It connects you with your guardian angels, the Ascended Masters, and Source.” [13th Octave LaHoChi by Linda Dillon, p.30]

Angels of Light Initiation and/or

Angels of Joy Initiation

This offer is free to all who would like to use Angel energy for themselves and others. The Angels wish to spread love and light throughout the world, so they offer these initiations to people who are willing to help them. Contact Anita if you would like to take part in a initiation.


Sessions can be experienced in-person or virtually. You are requested to wear a mask in-person.

 Angel Card Sessions take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

 Individual sessions: $100.00

  • Angels of Light card reading and healing session: $100.00
  • Angels of Light healing session: $80.00
  • Payment may be made by cash, check, or Venmo.


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