Akashic Field Healing

Akashic Field Healing (AFH), developed by Dr. Eilis Philpott, uses the basic concepts put forth in Akashic Field Therapy by CJ Martes. That is to say, it’s purpose is to help individuals clear trauma energy from their Akashic Field. A spiritual element was included for AFH through the addition of the 13th Octave. The 13th Octave, which unites us with the heart of God, includes many gifts from the Council of Love and higher spiritual beings to assist us to reach our life goals.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Field, or Akashic Records, is a collection of every individual’s thoughts from the past, present, and possible future. It is a collection of wisdom that is stored in the ‘ether’. All people and things on this planet, including our planet, have an Akashic Record.

These collective memories are largely accessible to us at the subconscious level. Akashic Field Healing helps access what is stored in our subconscious. Since approximately 90% of our thoughts are in the subconscious, there is much we are not aware of which may be blocking our growth. In addition to  our individual memories, we also carry memories of our ancestors in our DNA. Thus, there is a great deal of information that is passed down to us genetically, both positive and negative, on many levels. Specifically, AFH helps to identify trauma from this lifetime, or from the ancestral lineage.

AFH specifically helps to identify trauma on the subconscious level. It can also help to pinpoint fears, beliefs, and other limiting programs that are holding you back. Resolution of these subconscious traumas is a key to removing blocks, unlocking growth possibilities, as well as promoting greater well being on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

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Akashic Field Healing Sessions

Sessions can now be experienced in-person or remotely on Zoom. You are requested to wear a mask to in-person sessions.

An Akashic Field Healing taps into your Record only with your permission. Once that is given, we will begin gathering information. This is called a Life Program. First we will begin to identify the energy of a trauma which has not been totally cleared. We will also find an associated fear and belief which have come from the trauma. In addition, three secondary patterns which are causing blocks in your life will be identified. Finally, we will find your growth potential, which is that quality on a soul level which is being blocked from expressing itself in your life.

Once this information is gathered, the negative energies will be cleared and any positive energies that have been uncovered will be placed and reinforced in your Akashic Field. In addition, we will  determine if there is a need for a specific activity to help you integrate the energies from this session. Lastly, we will determine if there is a need for another Life Program either in this session or at another time.

Single session of an Akashic Field Healing: $100.00

Package of three Akashic Field Healing sessions: $270.00

  • Payment accepted via Venmo, check, or cash.
  • Spiritual counseling is included in all sessions.
  • Healing Sessions can be in-person or virtual at this time.

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