What Is the Akashic Field?

The Akashic Field holds all of our individual and collective histories. Through our life, we store both positive and negative experiences intended for growth. Unfortunately, the energy of unresolved traumas can remain in the Akashic Field as a negative influence indefinitely. As a result, our lives are continually affected by it. Fortunately, our awareness of the traumas that exist and are as yet unresolved is the first step in liberating them. It is then possible to find healing in the Akashic Field through Akashic Field Healing.

Our subconscious mind is the part of our consciousness that has direct access to the information stored in the Akashic Field. Ninety percent of our thoughts are stored in our subconscious mind. So, many fears are a result of this part of our mind remembering past traumas through its access to the Akashic Field. As a result, our subconscious then works to protect us from future harm based on past situations and traumas we have experienced.

Therefore, it is important to identify and bring negative patterns to conscious understanding. This then allows us to liberate the patterns by resolving them through Akashic Field Healing. As more positive information is stored in the Akashic Field, the more we gain. Then our true authentic self becomes increasingly available to us and the world. Above all, releasing negative patterns from the Akashic Field allows us greater probability of future positive growth. That means we have a better chance of living a happy and successful life in the future.

The Akashic Field Healing Method

The Akashic Field Healing method (AFH) is based on the work of CJ Martes’ Akashic Field Therapy. As she developed this modality, Dr. Eilis Philpott added a spiritual element to the healing process. This included guidance from the Council of Love, the energy of the 13th Octave, as well as support from higher spiritual beings. At its core, AFH has a feeling of love. It assists people with identifying unresolved traumas buried deep in the subconscious. By bringing key elements to the conscious level, the energy around the trauma can be released. This then results in positive energies replacing the trauma and its connected patterns. A final blessing elevates the healing process.

Some benefits from receiving an AFH session with a qualified practitioner are:

  • increased level of consciousness;
  • greater awareness of self, by bringing awareness to subconscious patterns that hold you back;
  • increased and clearer life energy by releasing negative patterns;
  • elimination of the ‘drag factor’ (those experiences and traumas that ‘hold you back’ or keep you stuck in one place) in your growth opportunity;
  • allow greater opportunities for growth and personal transformation;
  • better ability to cope with life situations by having a clearer insight about what is happening;
  • a more positive perception of self, others, and life situations;
  • an improved quality of life with less fear of situational outcomes;
  • decreased anxiety, depression and hopelessness about life due to a lack of self-awareness;
  • overall increase in happiness, feelings of well-being reflected on those around you;
  • decreased sense of separateness or isolation from others and universal love;
  • increased sense of oneness with the collective or global community;
  • increased sense of responsibility to assist in creating a better world;
  • when a person grows to a point of greater spiritual awareness and authenticity, their energy field helps others around them to grow.

In Conclusion

To sum up, the Akashic Field holds all thoughts that ever were, are, or will be. Energy cannot be destroyed, but can be changed. Threfore, it is possible to shift our energy patterns. We can tap into our thoughts in the Akashic Field to alter them. Using the Akashic Field Healing modality, we can heal negative patterns such as trauma by bringing them into consciousness. Remember, all healing is positive healing for each of us as individuals and the planet as well. May you enjoy a full life through healing. Adonai.