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How Energy Helps You Heal

Does it feel like your back is against the wall? Is there a situation in your life that feels impossible to resolve? Does it seem like it keeps repeating itself in different circumstances? Some examples may be, “I choose partners who treat me poorly.” or “I’m always sick.” or “I get myself in trouble a lot.”

It could be a series of failed relationships, chronic pain, or anxiety. You’ve thought about it; talked to others about it, You’ve sought information on your own, or from a health care professional. However, sometimes traditional methods for recurring or persistent problems are temporary. This may happen because the core problem has not been resolved.

Healing energy can help you discover your unwanted patterns. It can create lasting emotional, cognitive, and physical change from the inside out.

Spiritual Counceling offers suggestions that can help turn your habitual situations around. Holy Fire III Reiki and 13th Octave LaHoChi offer serenity, peace, and support for making those changes. Akashic Field Healing helps to clear trauma energy. Sound healing re-balances your physical body on the molecular level. Each is beneficial in itself, but in combination they can be very powerful.

You deserve to be happy, to feel whole and complete. By being here, on this page right now, you are ready for a new perspective on your life. Spiritual counseling, Reiki, 13th Octave LaHoChi, Akashic Field Healing, and Sound Healing can help you gain the relief that you seek. Please note: presently, a mask is requested for all in-person sessions.




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