Energies manifest from a variety of sources. Some come from the earth herself, such as gravity and magnetism. Other earth energies come from plants, crystals, and animals, including humans. Additional energies come from beyond the earth, such as solar flares, asteroids, and star clusters. There are also energies that help us understand things telepathically through thought, and kinesthetically, through the senses. Everything in the multiverse is made of energy. Some of it we understand and some we don’t, but everything is energy. The more we know about the quantum, which includes any of the very small increments or parcels into which many forms of energy are subdivided, the more we know about ourselves and our universe.

Earth-Emitting Energies

The earth, herself, emits a very grounding, profoundly loving energy. She nurtures us in so many ways, from the food we eat, to the air we breathe, and the water we drink. When she is left to her own devices, what she offers us is pure in every way. The indigenous peoples understood the sanctity of all she offers. They took care of her and honored her because they knew everything they needed to live came from the bounty of Mother Earth. This way of life kept the vibration of the earth high.

As humans separated themselves from this path, they introduced other types of energies that they thought were helpful. Yet, many over time were detrimental to the earth. Large farms, pesticides, clear cutting, and pollution of all types took over and has destroyed the purity of our planet. With them, the vibration of the planet has become lower and all living beings are paying the price.

Other Earth Energies


Some earth energies, like gravity, wind, and magnetism, are well known. We’ve experienced them and studied them. However, other earth energies are more subtle. Plants, in particular trees, exude a very calming energy into their environment. Not only do they manufacture oxygen for us to breathe, but also radiate a profound serenity. Taking a walk or hike in a forest can be exhilarating, and/or meditative. It can leave us with a sense of awe and wonder, as well as peace. Likewise, enjoying work in the garden can also bring these same results.

Crystals also emit energies into the earth and its atmosphere. They are very much alive and usually grow underground or in caves. Their properties range from calmness to encouraging action, connection to the spiritual to grounding ourselves to Mother Earth, protection to freedom, and so much more.

Animals and people, who are animals, exude energies as well. An animal’s energy has a fairly stable range. It runs from peaceful to anger, confident to fearful. Human energies have a much wider range, reflecting all the emotions we are capable of feeling. The energies of emotions affects the individual, as well as those around him or her. It also projects much farther into both the collective consciousness and collective unconscious. That means when we tap into the energies we feel permeating the world, we are conscious of them. This consciousness then presents a choice. Do we buy into it or ignore it? Buying into it brings the drama into your life. Ignoring it helps you find more peace.

Subtle Energies

There are many energies throughout the world that we are not conscious of and yet they affect us also. Some come down from our ancestors. Success, trauma, love, hate, fear, and ambition can all be passed down from generation to generation without our even realizing the links we have with them. Some call it karma, but it is still handed down energy from another person or circumstance. This is also part of the collective unconscious.

If you believe in reincarnation, energies are passed down from lifetime to lifetime as well. Some people believe each lifetime is an opportunity to learn something important about themselves. With that outlook come many chances to improve and raise their vibration and many challenges as tests. Some people work diligently and consciously to elevate their lives. They are tuned into energies that they feel are important, using their inner guidance or intuition to help make decisions, as well as information from the outside world..

Others rely on external energies to make their way in the world. This type of guidance puts a person at the mercy of behaviors (energies) others may demand. They are controlled, rather than being in control. Therefore, they typically react to the energies of the collective consciousness, to the drama of the world. Their awareness of the influence of energies in general is limited.

Other subtle energies come from sources in the larger universe. The influence of the moon on the tides and emotions can be very strong. We are experiencing energies from solar flares from the sun, too. These solar energies can be disruptive to the electrical and magnetic fields of earth, as well as to us as individuals. They influence us emotionally, and physically, whether we are aware of them or not.


There are many types of energies that influence us. Some are direct, some subtle. Others affect us consciously, while many affect us unconsciously. Everything is energy, so we are connected to it all in one way or another. It is this connection that is the basis of ‘we are all one’. What I do affects everyone and everything/everyone in my life and in the world. This is true of each person, plant, animal, crystal, thought, and action. We have much more positive influence in our lives when we make conscious decisions. If we want to make changes in our lives, it’s important to do that consciously for the betterment of all. Adonai.