What is a bump in the road? It can be something literal like encountering a pothole, or irregular surface. Somehow it changes your experience of driving. It might be minor, but it changes your concentration in some way. In life, there are always bumps in the road. These are happenings that change how we live. Some are easy to deal with and others can be quite challenging.

Small Bumps

A small bump in the road can be annoying. It might be something like misplacing your glasses, or forgetting a person’s name when you meet up with them. They may be inconvenient, frustrating, or even embarrassing, but in most cases, they are not life-threatening. A small bump in the road takes you out of your routine in someway. However, much of the time, once it’s passed, you go back to life as you usually live it.

Big Bumps

You would be fortunate to only have small bumps in your life. Most of our bumps are small ones. However, large bumps are inevitable in everyone’s life. Big bumps are those serious circumstances in life that stop you in your tracks. They come in the form of illness, loss, treachery, deceit, abuse, death of a loved one, war, or a natural disaster, to name a few. These events disrupt your life in serious ways. Nonetheless, everyone deals with major life events as best they can. Some people are well equipped to handle serious problems, while others are not. Regardless, serious disruptions have good and bad components.

Take for example an illness like cancer. This disease causes many difficulties. Surgery generally is involved, followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation. Normally, appetite and weight changes. In addition, there can be physical, mental, and emotional discomfort during the healing process. Many questions arise. Will life be the same? Do I want it to be the same? How will I cope? What if I can’t cope? Why is this happening? What did I do wrong? Is this my fault? Am I ready to die? The list goes on.

And yet, much good can come out of a big bump in the road. These bumps slow you down, force you to stop the busy, often stressful life you may be living. As a result, priorities change. Bumps have the power to help you reevaluate what’s important. They can lead you to question the importance of material objects, working long hours to get ahead, being the best over everyone else. They help you realize the importance of love and relationships. Ultimately, a more simple life can also be a happier one..


There is no escaping bumps in the road, living a human life. Quite often, when you consciously or unconsciously choose not to explore the important things in life, the universe will help you. Whether you realize it or not, every situation has good and bad components. Consequently, it behooves you to explore these aspects for your growth. The more you do, the fewer big bumps show up. Adonai.