To raise the energy of the planet may seem like an impossible endeavor. There is so much going on. Often, we hear or read about truly negative situations. They include war, religion, illness, politics, fraud, selfishness, and so much more. Much of what we deal with seems almost impossible to change. However, there are things we can do individually and in groups to bring more positivity to the world.


Raise the Energy of the PlanetPrayer is a beautiful means to help raise the energy of the planet. Normally, we think of prayer as a way to connect with God, or pray to help someone (or oneself) when they are in need. But we can use our prayers to help people, situations, and places throughout the world that may be experiencing difficulties. Individual prayers are helpful, for they raise the vibration of the intended. In addition, group prayers do the same, because the effort of a group multiplies the impact. That is why a vigil with a specific intention can be very powerful. This occurs because those who are praying actually raise their own energy, as well as the energies of the intended recipients.

There are times when we pray for something specific that in the end does not come to be. We might say our prayers were not answered, or were not heard. That is actually not true. We do not know what path another person follows, or what is best for him or her. Just because we want a particular outcome does not mean it is in the best interests of the person for which it was intended. That person may need to learn lessons from their situation, or may actually need to leave the planet because their time is up. Answers to prayers can be ‘no’, so it is important to accept the results, even if they are not what we desire. That does not mean that the prayer failed. All prayer raises the vibration of individuals and the planet regardless of outcome.


Raise the Energy of the Planet

The use of sound is another way to raise the energy of the planet. We think of music that is thrilling, soothing, or joyful when we need a energy boost. Something that makes us want to dance, sing along, or tap our toes fits the bill. This type of music raises our vibration. We feel good, and sometimes inspired. It helps us want to move forward in life.

When we listen to a musical group, like a chorus, orchestra, or ensemble, the vibrations of each member are conveyed in the piece and extend out to the listener. These vibrations uplift us, and in turn, we bring that energy into our own world. When so many famous singers came together to record ‘We Are The World’, the effort had amazing energy for each singer. But the finished product was so well received throughout the world, that the vibrations around it were exceptional. The world was raised to a higher vibration with that song.

I use sound to send energy into the world, using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, rain sticks, drums, gongs, and other instruments. I have a specific intention for the sound, be it for a small group of meditators, or for people, places, or situations that could possibly be influenced by these vibrations. Frequently, I do not get to witness the influence of these sounds, but I believe strongly that they are helpful on many levels.

Sounds are expressed in different ways and different levels. Not all sounds uplift. Many actually lower the vibrations around them and influence anyone or anything in their vicinity. To raise the energy of the planet, it’s best to encourage inspiring vibrations.

Other Ways to Raise the Vibration of Earth

Various types of energy, like Reiki, nature, sound, or meditation, produce high vibrations within us. When we receive this energy, it interacts positively. In turn, as we raise our vibration, we unconsciously share it, benefiting anyone with whom we come in contact. Simply living at a high vibrational level benefits you, those around you and the world in general.

Nature offers us healing too. When we feel the benefits of nature, such as taking a walk in the woods, or along the shore, gardening, or just being outside, this lifts our spirits and vibration. Nature can bring peace and clarity to us through its simplicity. It does not demand anything from us except to accept it as it is, and enjoy what it has to offer.

In addition, meditation is another way to raise our vibration and that of the planet. It clears our minds of clutter and drama, and brings us into balance within ourselves. We can meditate sitting quietly,  concentrating on our breath, listening to a guided meditation, or taking a walk or run.


How does a person raise the energy of the planet? There are may ways. Prayer, sound, nature, meditation, and energy healing can all help. Positivity is an important part of it. Thoughts create our reality, so when we truly believe that good things will happen, they will. It’s the Law of Attraction. We attract the energy we put out, so if we want to raise the energy of the planet, consciously emitting positive vibrations is helpful. When our energy is high, we feel happy and healthy, which is contagious. It’s a great way to feel! Adonai.