” ‘Tis the season to be jolly…”  and kind.  Why?  Making the extra effort to show kindness to others, as well as ourselves, elevates us to a new level of being.  It doesn’t take much to be kind, a word here, a smile there, an effort to help, but it does take some thought.  If we think we only need to be kind to the people and things we like, we’d be cutting out an enormous amount of kindness that’s needed in the world.  Every person, regardless of who they are and where they live on this planet, needs kindness in their life.  The more kindness we give to and receive from ourselves and others, the happier our lives are.

Why is kindness so important?   When someone is genuinely kind to us, we feel appreciated, valued, and happy inside.  Our self worth rises.  Think about it.  Our world is full of people who’s self esteem is so low that anger and hatred are predominant.  There is an enormous amount of  fear in the world which contributes to stress, unhappiness, unhealthy competition, violence, selfishness, and the like.  Do we really want to live in a world so unbalanced?  When we go about our business, disregarding the well being of all others, we contribute to this lack of balance.

Being a kind person means seeing the good in everyone and doing something to enhance that good.  Just smiling at each person you encounter during the course of the day will raise the vibrational level of this planet and foster more light in the world.  Regardless of whether you receive a smile back, the “smile” energy will register in that person on some level.  So many times, we have no idea how our simple acts of kindness influence people, and how far that positive energy goes.  What we give out comes back to us.  Spread kindness and receive it in return.  Bring light into the world and you will feel lighter.

During this holiday season, where so many traditions encompass the light of candles shining into the darkness, let your light shine brightly to all you meet.  The fifth Reiki principle is “Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.”  I send the light of Reiki energy for health, happiness and balance to you and all living beings on Earth.