Everything is vibrating. This is true even though you do not see it, hear it, or feel it all the time. Our senses pick up and interpret these vibrations according to the function of each particular sense. Most of that information is received and registered with us automatically.

Vibrations Affect You

Regardless of being conscious of specific vibrations, you do react to them. What is seen may be pleasing, unattractive or something in between. Sounds may be loud, soft, dissonant, or harmonious. The sense of touch ranges from smooth to rough, hot to cold, hard to soft. Your body picks up vibrations continually and interprets this information in various ways.

Sometimes, you experience vibrations which are high vibrational frequencies. Most people believe any of these frequencies are desirable, harmonious, and satisfying sensations.  ‘Positive’ vibrations are identified as pleasing music or artwork, nature, or even exercise. Anything that helps raise your mood can be included, These vibrations are beneficial to us physically, or mentally, as well as aesthetically.

The opposite occurs when ‘displeasing’, or low vibrations register. Your body and mind react negatively in a way that can impact your well being. ‘Negative’ vibrations may include dissonant sounds, mental, emotional or physical pain, or extremes in temperature. Such vibrations may have a deleterious effect physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. Each type of vibration influences you on some level, often penetrating the physical body to the cellular level.

Sound Vibrations

Sound vibration can affect a person in a number of ways. Through chemical changes in the body, both pleasing and displeasing sounds influence mental and emotional states. They can also have a profound effect physically. Throughout the day, positive and negative vibrations are incorporated into your muscles, bones, and the cells of the body. These vibrations influence your perception, mental/emotional well being, and  health. In addition, how you live your life and your view of the world are affected by the vibrations you incorporate, This is true whether you are conscious of it or not.. By understanding how vibrations affect you, life can be adjusted to help you cope better and live a happier existence.

Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls

Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls can be beneficial for the physical body by altering the structure of the cells to shed negative influences. Then the positive vibrations of the bowls are assimilated to assist with healing. The bowls help on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level through their ability to transform you in a meditative state. Their influences can be profound and can help change how your life and the world is viewedl.The healing vibrations of the bowls come from their composition. Crystals like quartz and certain metals like copper, bronze, and iron each have healing properties.

Crystal Singing Bowls

These bowls are predominantly made of clear quartz crystal. Quartz has an amplifying effect that can be used in both technology and healing. In healing, It enhances positive vibrations in and around the body. Additionally, it influences organs, tissues and bones, as well as the structure of the cells by raising their frequency. When this happens, dysfunctional, toxic areas of the body or cells are modified by the sound vibrations.Then they are released into the blood stream to be eliminated. The body can heal quickly or take a long time with sound vibrations, depending on the severity of the problem. A broken bone will heal over time while it is in a cast. However, using sound vibrations, the bone will be stronger because of the positive frequencies flowing around and to it.

Other crystal bowls are made from additional members of the quartz family, such as amethyst, rose quartz, or citrine. The various properties of these crystals influence in specific ways. For example, since rose quartz emanates love, kindness and generosity, the vibrations of the bowl will also emanate these attributes. Since different types of crystal bowls vibrate at different frequencies, they influence the energy centers of the body. These energy centers, called chakras, affect our lives on the four levels of consciousness. All crystal bowls balance the chakras so they function at an optimal level and produce a state of well being.

Hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan bowls may be hand-made or machine-made. Each bowl is composed of five to seven different types of metals, all vibrating at their own frequencies. Hand-made bowls are unique because they are fashioned by an individual who invests time, knowledge, and energy into the bowl. No two bowls are the same, so their effect on the body varies with each person.

When played, several sounds can be distinguished. Although both crystal and Tibetan bowls heal, the Tibetan bowls seem to have a wider range of influence. This is due to the individual frequencies of the metals used, combining for a single purpose. A single bowl can impact all the chakras of the body, as well as work with an individual chakra. It can also influence the entire physical body, or an individual part, depending on the intention given it. Tibetan bowls are sometimes used specifically to work at the cellular level to bring basic healing to the body after parts of the body have been treated.

In addition, it should be noted both Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls lower stress levels, are used to balance the energies of the body, and instill relaxation and calmness. They can be used individually or as a set of bowls, for a healing session or during meditation, or even used for distance healing. They are truly amazing vibrational instruments, but not the only ones.

Other Sound Instruments

Sound influences. That is why instruments such as the voice, bells, tuning forks, drums, and rattles can be effective in healing sessions as well. Vocal sounds can bring all the healing each of these other instruments bring. Utilize your voice for speaking up and speaking your truth, whether in speech or in music. Participating in a drumming circle can be profound on all levels. Percussive instruments penetrate to the deepest levels. Bells are a calling and are similar to Tibetan bowls. Rattles wake up energies. Tuning forks work with extremely high frequencies for balancing energies. So many different means for healing. Playing any of these instruments is beneficial. Participating in groups where these instruments are used is therapeutic. Sound is the wave of the future. Hop on that wave and bring yourself into balance, happiness, and well being. Adonai.

Where to Get Sound Healing

Sound healing sessions can be scheduled individually, in person or remotely. Small groups of 2-5 can also schedule a session, also in person or remotely. Finally, sound healing mp3 recordings can be obtained with a meditation. Contact Anita for more information.