IMG_1177In this month of December, Archangel Michael will share his wisdom with us through the Archangel Michael Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, PhD. The question I asked Archangel Michael is the title of this reading. After shuffling, four cards were drawn from the top of the deck. Know that we can call on the angels and archangels for all our needs. Archangel Michael is our protector, so call on him for help at any time, in any situation. The following are the drawn cards, the statements on them and the message Archangel Michael chooses to send us:

1.  It’s time to leave this unhealthy situation.  Archangel Michael is being very clear with this card, that unhealthy relationships must be recognized for what they are and released. Relationships occur with people, places, jobs, and events. Dysfunctional situations bring our energy down, causing unhappiness, fear, anger, jealousy, frustration, and, at times, overwhelming emotions. Any relationship that brings up long-lasting or recurrent negative emotions is unhealthy. Recognize the truth in this, and find the means to change the circumstances. If not possible within the relationship, bring it to an end. Remember, we are responsible first and foremost for taking care of ourselves. By examining what does not serve us, we are more aware of that which must be changed. When we ask for help from Archangel Michael, he will send messages and synchronicities our way to shed light on the problem and solution. Pay attention to the thought forms coming to you that give you guidance. When we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves, so we can share the love we have with others in healthy ways.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, what parts of my life do I need to focus on more closely right now? Thank you for helping me hear your answers and for giving me the courage to make healthy changes in my life.

2.  Keep your eyes on your targeted intention. When we take responsibility for ourselves, we bring clarity to our lives. We begin to recognize and understand what is needed that will be beneficial to us. We set goals that will bring us happiness. We find relationships that are mutually enjoyable, where each enhances the other. We make decisions on what is important for our well being. We acknowledge the prominent place of love, joy, compassion, forgiveness, and peace in our lives. In knowing our mind and especially our heart, we are strong and can achieve just about anything.

Prayer: Thank you, Archangel Michael, for helping me focus on my inner vision and intentions. I ask for your guidance in releasing any fears or doubts, granting me the confidence and courage to take action toward realizing my dreams.

3.  Sense of humor.Archangel Michael is advising us not to take ourselves too seriously. We are here to learn lessons for our greatest good, but we are also here to have fun. We need to give ourselves a break when we drive ourselves too hard. All the houses, clothes, trophies, and money we have may be nice, but they are not necessary in excess. What is important in our lives is to have love, be love  and give love, kindness, joy and peace to each other. So when we take ourselves too seriously, it’s good to tap into our sense of humor to realize what is important.

Prayer: Thank you for helping me see the humor in this situation so I can lovingly laugh at human nature. I am willing to view my experience in a new light in order to attract love and healing energy.

4.  You’re on the right path.Archangel Michael knows and wants us to realize that regardless of how fractured our lives are, we are always loved. He knows we are always doing our best in any circumstance and we are always moving toward realizing our connection with God. We are on the right path. When unhappy or dissatisfied, we throw up blocks to that reunion and we may slow our progress down. But we are still on the right path. We just need to clear it every once in a while to move forward. We clear it through change, and know the change is successful when we feel positive emotions.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Thank you for giving me loud and clear guidance that I easily understand. Thank you for motivating me and filling me with the courage and confidence to make healthful life changes.

So, we protect ourselves by making positive changes in our lives in relationships and life circumstances. Then we must know who we are, and what is important to us to be happy in life. That gives us the clarity we need to take care of ourselves. Have fun as we go through our experiences. And know that we are always moving forward.

We thank Archangel Michael for the guidance and love he has sent this month. Call on him at any time. Namaste.