In this angel card reading, Archangels Raziel, Raphael, and Haniel impart their wisdom. Each of these archangels offers sound advice for you to live a full life. What does that look like? First, recognize your power comes from God and use it to manifest the good in life. Second, take care of your body, emotions, mind and spirit. Last, be aware of outside influences that affect your energies and adjust how they are incorporated. The cards this month come from the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, PhD. They were chosen randomly from the deck. So let us begin to uncover how you can maximize personal power.

Take Back Your Power

Archangel Raziel tells us, “Use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life.”

On a daily basis, it is important to figure out what you need, and want, and how to manifest those desires. So choices are made all the time. Sometimes they can be quite simple and other times complicated. There are times you might feel making personal decisions has been a solitary endeavor. It may seem there is no one to support you. Depending on your state of mind, that can be exhilarating or disheartening. There is a bit of both in everyone’s life.

Your decision-making might include the advice of others. This can be helpful, particularly when there are major choices to be made. It can take some of the burden off, particularly when you are gathering information. Other people will bring a different perspective and additional insight and knowledge. Hopefully, they are helpful. However, they may also steer you in a direction that is not in your best interest. So, consider all the options, advice, and information you have uncovered to make your final determination.

After accumulating the information needed, you are the one who must decide what to do. This is the point where you turn to the most reliable guide of all. This is your own inner intuition, your inner knowing, which is your link with the Higher Power. It is that which knows you the best and knows what’s good for you. In relying on intuition, your power is maximized. Then you can be sure of making a choice that is best for you. This choice then becomes a manifestation of what you want in order to become happy, empowered, and blessed.

Healthy Lifestyle

Archangel Raphael says, “Eat a healthful diet, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly for optimal health.”

Raphael gives good advice. When taking this advice consistently, your body functions well, emotions are resilient and you are able to make good decisions. However, treating your body, emotions, and mind poorly results in inevitably making poor choices for many different reasons. In doing this, your power is no longer your own. It is handed over to other people, comfort food, drugs or alcohol, high stress situations, and/or lack of exercise and sleep. Each of these influences lowers your vibration to one degree or another, sometimes making it difficult to turn things around.

However, when listening to what Archangel Raziel spoke of previously, by trusting your connection to God and listening to your intuition, all will be well most of the time. In tuning into yourself and searching deeply for your highest good, beneficial and life affirming answers will come to you. So maximize your power by trusting in your intuition and taking care of the body you inhabit. It’s the only one you have in this go-around.

Moon Cycles

Archangel Haniel advises us, “Notice how the moon affects your energy and manifestation, and capitalize upon these cycles.”

This message from Archangel Haniel is offered directly for women. The moon has great influence on your menstrual cycle, emotions, and ¬†perception of life. When understanding your personal cycle in relation to the phases of the moon, you also understand yourself better. It is not a coincidence a person’s moods and abilities go up and down at different times of the month.

Archangel Haniel is offering advice: pay attention to these highs and lows, so you can live your life to the fullest degree. During times of low energy and emotion, she says pamper yourself. Find different ways to relax, like bathing, napping, listening to quiet music, sipping soup or tea, meditating, or anything similar. This is not the time to put yourself in a high energy situation.

That time comes at a different point in your cycle. When you have the energy, and emotions are high, take advantage of that. Do the tough stuff you put aside. Run a road race. Present your ideas that will make a mark in the world. Dance the night away!

And between the highs and lows, maximize your power. Do a little bit of both to keep you going and keep you happy.

Finally, the Archangels’ messages are simple. Own your power. Take care of your body and emotions. Pay attention to outside influences like the moon cycle. Live a happy, powerful life. Maximize your power! Adonai