We hear this often. Live in the present. That’s all you have. The past is gone and the future isn’t here yet. Easy to say, but it takes effort and practice to actually live in the present. Life on Planet Earth is not easy. There are many distractions, but it can be accomplished with beneficial results.

Live in the Past

When we live life predominantly in the past, it is difficult to grow and become the person we were meant to be. We keep replaying scripts that limit our growth. Old memories, repetitive types of relationships, life dramas, difficult experiences, injuries and hurts can keep us locked in a world that was. Any and all these situations play a part in who we are now. The question is what did we take from them? If we experienced a positive past, it’s pretty easy to bring forth the positive into the present. When we do, the benefits help us continue to grow which helps us enjoy what life brings. We use the lessons of the past to live our lives in the now in a positive manner.

However, if the past was difficult, hurtful, sad, or included any other problematic situations, it also influences the now. We may find ourselves focusing on difficult situations that continue to appear over and over in one form or another. They keep us from enjoying the present moment and from growth. On an energetic level, difficult situations keep showing up for us as important life lessons to learn. It often takes a different perspective, to look at a situation in a different way, in order to break a troublesome pattern. Once we do, we can leave the old behind, live more enjoyably in the present and move forward with our life, one step at a time.

Live in the Future

On the other hand, it is precarious to try to manipulate the future because there are so many possibilities. When the focus is on a specific outcome, the choices we make to achieve that outcome are relatively narrow and limited. This becomes a set-up for possible failure and disappointment, It’s important to remember nothing is guaranteed, regardless of our meticulous planning. Accepting the fact that there will be times when our plans come to fruition, and others when they don’t, is helpful to keep anxiety in check. We become anxious when we are wed to a particular outlook or outcome, and there is uncertainty around it. Flexibility, acceptance and alternative thinking can be the key to reducing anxiety overall.

Live in the Present

Living in the present does not mean we leave the past behind and ignore possibilities for the future. Rather, it is about doing the best we can to learn the lessons of the past so we can be happy in our life, right now. It is also about preparing for the future as best we can, always knowing things may turn out differently from what we planned.

Living in the present is about non attachment. No attachment to the past or future. Recognizing that each is an influence or possibility, using them as tools to live. A good goal would be to live in the moment, just enjoying what is happening. Breathing, moving, feeling, thinking, observing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and so much more is happening in every moment. Tuning in to all these things helps us forget about the hard things of the past and not worry about the maybes of the future. It feels really good to have those burdens removed. Adonai.