I think each of us desires peace. However, for some, it may be difficult to achieve. You may not have had good models within your family. Drama may be a large part of your life. Perhaps you are always in your head, thinking about a steady stream of information. So many situations can distract you from living a peaceful life. This essay examines a few basic ways to live more peacefully.


Respect is essential for peace. To respect another is to honor who they are as a human being. Humans come in all shapes, sizes, cultures, ethnicities, races, geographies, and beliefs. Respecting that everyone is similar in the general qualities of being human helps diminish conflict. Peace incorporates understanding that each person has a unique perspective of themselves, and how they see the world. This is their truth. Each of us has our own truth.

Respect is also about responsibility. As individuals, each of us is responsible for ourselves. Regardless of what others may say or believe, I am only responsible for myself. You are only responsible for yourself. A big part of that responsibility is to do no harm to oneself or others physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. That means in all situations, response, that is, considering your choices, is a better option than reaction, which is giving into triggered emotions.

Taking time to consider what is best for you and following through is a good path to peace because there is always more than one choice. Making a choice that is right for you will decrease anxiety and fear, as well as increase your confidence. In this sense, you are respecting yourself.


Acceptance is also a path to peace. It means a person is able to look at a situation, and understand it is what it is. When that person accepts what is, he or she can then make decisions about it that are in their best interest. Pausing, examining what is, and then deciding brings about positive results.

To deny and refuse acceptance causes disharmony within the person, as well as the situation. The ego takes over. Your ego wants what it wants, working to help get what you think you want. It is often impulsive, and also competitive. When your ego takes over, a lot can happen at other people’s expense. Also, whether you believe you won or lost, in the long run, you lost in many ways. You may lose respect for another, or even yourself, cause harm, live in anger or fear, and so much more.


Forgiveness brings about an inner peace. It allows you to let go of thoughts and emotions that have caused unhappiness. When you forgive another, you are releasing old wounds that have blocked your growth and your ability to move on. Forgiveness is not about letting someone else off the hook. Rather it is a way to lighten your own load, a way to leave your baggage behind.

When you forgive someone, it does not mean what happened is now okay. It doesn’t mean what happened becomes erased. In addition, it doesn’t mean the other person is no longer culpable. It simply means you are no longer going to allow the situation or person to impact your life negatively. You make a choice to distance yourself or remain in the relationship. You are in control.


To live in peace is to do what you can to be happy and to allow others to do the same, each in their own way. For everyone to enjoy peace, it is important to commit to respecting each other, accepting all, and forgiving wrongs done to you. No ego, no drama, no judgment. Just peace. Adonai.