Freedom is a spiritual quality. It is finding your spiritual self while on this earth in human form. Each of us has our own perception of freedom, and most anchor this idea in their everyday lives. In fact, the majority of people do not actively contemplate the concept of freedom unless they feel it is being taken from them.

Common Qualities of Freedom

Before we look at freedom as a spiritual quality, let us examine some of freedom’s more well known qualities.

Some people view freedom by their ability to acquire material possessions, or power. They believe privilege, the right to live in a superior manner, is an important part of their life. The more they have, the freer they feel they are.

Others believe their freedom comes from unrestricted use of their abilities, as well as the ease with which they can accomplish their goals. Independence is an important concept in their life.

Still others experience freedom when they are released from the power of another person or institution, For example, release from prison, or slavery constitute physical freedom.

Since many would say freedom comes from release of inappropriate power of one person or institution over another. It should come as a political right. A person should be able to speak his or her mind, live life with relative ease, be free from coersion or constraint in life choices or actions, and have unrestricted access to making the most of life.,

Freedom As a Spiritual Quality

What makes freedom a spiritual quality? There are several ideas to consider, but in a general sense, spirituality is about belief in something greater than oneself. Some people identify that as the Universe, God, Oneness, a Supreme Being, nature, or the masculine/feminine energies. There is a path to follow in order to live a meaningful life.

Faith and Trust

Specifically, it is important to have faith in that higher power and trust that you are on the right path. It makes sense and feels right to you. In reaching that point of understanding, you feel freed from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ imposed by many organizations and the culture, in general. You are more apt to rely upon your inner guidance, your gut feeling. This guidance is your connection to the higher power, which always has your greater good at heart.

True Forgiveness

In addition, practicing true forgiveness every day frees you from the attachments of daily living. What does that mean? When you are attached to anything, there will be positive and negative aspects to that attachment. For example, perhaps you are attached to owning a specific home. It is beautiful and very comfortable, offering you great pleasure. Then one day, there is a fire and the house is burnt to the ground. Now your attachment gives you great sorrow and anguish.

Recognizing the attachments you have in life and releasing them is a form of forgiveness and freedom. It is about letting go because on the spiritual path the material world is not important and only temporary. The only constant in the world is change. In letting go of the attachment to things, you let go of the suffering they may bring, bringing freedom into your life.

Relationship With Spirit

Why walk the spiritual path? This path offers you a relationship with Spirit, or the Higher Power. This is the only relationship that will work with you only for your greater good. All other relationships, be they with people, money, possessions, or status, will let you down one way or another.

The only way you can have a relationship with God is to have faith and trust that you are working together. Not with others who may sway you from this relationship because they want power over you through your attachments to them. You are required to commit one way or the other, but Spirit never turns away. When you are ready, the opportunity for relationship is always there, and so is freedom to be yourself.

Relinquish Judgments

Judgments go hand in hand with attachments. When attached to anything, there is judgment of good or bad, up or down, here or there, etc. Judgments weaken and take away from your relationship with Spirit because you introduce something other into that bond. In your spiritual relationship, there is no judgment, only guidance. You may decide to ignore the guidance or follow it. Ultimately, there is no judgment regardless of your choice. Because of the lack of judgment, your relationship is pure and you are free to be yourself.

Pray, Affirm, Meditate

To be truly free, you must remove yourself from the demands of the world. This can be accomplished through prayer, to voice what is important to you. Knowing the direction you want to take will help you with the guidance you receive. In order to tap into that guidance, meditation is a way of listening for what you need. And throughout your connection with Spirit, affirming its importance strengthens your commitment.

When you realize how free you are, you will rely on your relationship with Spirit more and more until you are in the world, but not of it. Adonai.