The cards drawn this month for our angel card reading come from the Archangel Power Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD, and Radleigh Valentine. They involve emotions and action. Archangel Gabriel brings us the energy of action, while Archangel Raphael brings the energy of dreams, hopes and desires. I drew three cards for this reading.

Four of Raphael

Seek out other possibilities. Look for the magic in life. Be aware of your own emotions.

First, if you are feeling stuck in any way, it’s time to start looking for, and adding new ideas and activities into your life. Remember, there are many possibilities to consider, but not every one is appropriate for you, Tune into your emotions, how you feel, about a choice you are entertaining. If it is exciting, look for the magic in it too. What is magic? Ultimately, it’s the joy of it all. It has to do with entertaining a different perspective from where you were to where you want to be.

Doreen says, “Life may seem to be lacking in magic and excitement, but there is a great shot here at enlightenment. Spend time in meditation, with the knowledge that any disillusionment you feel is meant to urge you into self-reflection… leading to a happier life!”

Eight of Raphael

There is something better waiting for you! Do what you know is right for you. A spiritual quest.

Second, Archangel Raphael is again urging you to look for a change in your life. In other words, he believes there is something better waiting for you, so start looking! Sometimes when you find yourself stuck, your emotions and the action you take are repetitious. As a result, they keep you from looking beyond them. So it is important to bring effort to overcome the inertia of your present life. In doing so, you become open to greater possibilities.

Above all, use your present knowledge and the experiences you’ve had to build upon. They show you who you are. In addition, you can decide what you want to keep or change.

As you contemplate new situations, do it through meditation. In other words, take the spiritual path. When you do, ask for guidance from Archangel Raphael to find what makes sense for you. This path is about your own growth and no one else’s. Therefore, trust that the guidance you receive internally is the best for you and trust it.

emotions and action

Ace of Gabriel

A gift of passion, opportunity, and inspiration! The chance to do something amazing! A sense of wonder.

Lastly, Archangel Gabriel encourages you to take action and create something special in your life. Your emotions help you dream big, but without action, your dreams will not materialize.

Archangel Gabriel has words of encouragement: “This is a time of action when you’re called to take up whatever activity motivates you most and make great changes in your life! Don’t hesitate to move forward. It isn’t necessary to know every single detail of what comes next in order to spring into action.You may be offered a new job or promotion, or you could start your own business. Accept new adventures and opportunities with open arms!”

In conclusion, Archangels Raphael and Gabriel offer encouraging words. The sky is the limit, so dream big and move forward with confidence and action. It helps to stay in touch with these archangels through meditation. They are always available when you need them. And they always want the best for you. Adonai.