This month, I haIMG_1057ve chosen the oracle cards of Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Doreen is a best-selling author and clairvoyant, who works with the angelic and elemental realms. She provides us with information about Archangel Michael as follows: “Archangel Michael is a powerful non-denominational angel who provides protection and clear answers to your questions. He is also unlimited, and therefore able to be with everyone simultaneously, having unique and individual experiences with every person. Like the other angels, he respects your free will, so he won’t intervene without your permission. But once you ask for his help, he’s there in every way. Archangels are the managers of our personal guardian angels. Each archangel has a specialty, and Michael’s is to provide protection- for that reason, he’s the patron saint of police officers. Michael also lends courage and strength, as well as offering us guidance through life changes. Additionally, Archangel Michael knows the details of your Divine life purpose, which every person has. This means that you have a mission, based upon your natural talents and interests, that’s helpful to others. If you’re confused about the purpose or higher meaning of your life, Archangel Michael can give you clarity and guidance. Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God.” When you work with him, you’re actually working with the right hand of the Creator, the ultimate messenger of Divine will and love. He’s 100 percent safe and trustworthy, and his guidance is always crystal clear.”

As I shuffled the cards, I continually asked the question, “What do we need to know for June?” I was also directed to take the top four cards from the deck to use as this month’s advice. They are:

1. Keep Your Eyes on Your Targeted Intention: I believe formulating a specific intention is a valuable means of directing one’s life and setting a purposeful goal. However, when obstacles come up, it can be very easy to change plans or stop moving forward, particularly when we are on our own. That is when support is so important. Of course, support from family and friends is helpful, but angelic support can offer us guidance and love, too. The important thing is to not give up; there is always hope. Believe in yourself and that which you want to accomplish. Doreen tells us, “Archangel Michael has been guiding you along the path of your life’s purpose. Can you feel the rush of excitement whenever you think about your desired occupation and activities? This is a signal that you’re on the right path, and this card reminds you to keep a steady eye on your goals. Continually visualize that you already have the career or volunteer work of your dreams. See yourself helping people or issues that are dear to your heart. Imagine that you have complete financial security while you devote yourself to this important work. Any desire you have is viable, as long as you stay focused upon it. The path to making your intentions a reality may differ from your expectations, yet the outcome is likely to exceed your dreams. Know that the angels walk beside you throughout your journey. Keep the faith…and keep going!” In petitioning Archangel Michael, offer the following prayer: “Thank you, Archangel Michael, for helping me focus on my inner vision and intention. I ask for your guidance in releasing any fears or doubts, granting me the confidence and courage to take action toward realizing my dreams.”

2. This is Your Life’s Purpose: Isn’t it interesting, how this card follows the first. When you have an intention that is inspired and purposeful, it is most often your life’s purpose. You may find that you will go about achieving this purpose in a number of different ways, but there will always be a common theme running through what you do. So the means of achieving your life’s purpose may be many and varied, but remember to always keep your eyes on your targeted intention. Doreen says, ” Archangel Michael has heard your prayers, and he’s guiding you in the direction in which you were born to go. You already have ideas about a career that would bring you joy, excitement, opportunities to help, and financial security; and these thoughts are indicators of your Divine purpose. You’re meant to be engaged in work that brings you and others happiness! This card is validation that the career you’re dreaming about is your life’s purpose. As such, the universe will support and open doors for you. Move forward confidently!” The following prayer to Archangel Michael may be helpful: “Archangel Michael, you know the details of my Divine life purpose, and I ask you to help me be aligned with my goals. Please clearly guide my actions so that I’m taking the best steps to fully manifest my wonderful and meaningful career.”

3. Lean on God and the Angels for Support: At times, we may feel quite alone in traveling our life path. Always know that God and the Angels are present to support us and guide us when we make the request. Even when we have put up a wall and do not feel their love, they are with us. All we must do is release the resistance we hold inside us and trust that all is in Divine and perfect order, now and always. Our path may go in a different direction from our expectations, but it will all work out for our highest good. Doreen explains, “You’re a strong and independent person, yet there are times when everyone needs support, and for you, that time is now. This card guides you to give this situation completely to God and the angels. If you try to single-handedly resolve it, you’ll burden yourself with unnecessary worry, which also blocks you from experiencing the solution at hand. When you allow others to help and support you, you empower yourself!” Offer this prayer when you feel stymied: “Dear God and angels, I give you this [troubling situation] now and completely. I step out of the way, and allow Divine miracles to shine through everyone and everything involved.”

4. Self-Respect: Ultimately, all meaningful success boils down to love and respect for oneself. When we take care of ourselves, love ourselves, and nurture ourselves, we can access the Divine power from within to accomplish many wonderful things. Often times, we must put aside the demands and expectations of others in our families, neighborhoods, society, and the world, in order to accomplish that which we have been put here for. In order to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we must have confidence in who we are. Doreen remarks, “Archangel Michael is supporting your quest for happiness, health, and abundance by advising you to respect and love yourself. [Your situation] has some dysfunctional aspects, which can adversely affect your self-esteem. This card is a sign that it’s time to honor yourself, even if others aren’t treating you in a worthy manner. You deserve respect from yourself and others, for you’re a beloved child of God (just as everyone is in spiritual truth).” Consider this prayer when you need support: “Dear God and angels, thank you for helping me see myself as you see me: through the eyes of love. Thank you for honoring and respecting me- please guide me to do the same for myself, and grant me the courage to speak up on my own behalf. I ask for your protection in all of my relationships so that I am surrounded by loving and kind people.”

And so, Dear Reader, Archangel Michael wishes you to be alerted to the Divine resources of which we are often unaware. Tap into them and see how your life progresses. When we allow the support and love of the angelic realms, our lives can truly be amazing!