The following is a thought stream I received on September 1, 2017 from Ra, an intergalactic consciousness from ancient times:

We are Ra, a collective consciousness. We offer our assistance and guidance to humans to move toward love, compassion and forgiveness, your true connection with Source energy. You initiated a shift in this direction in 2012 for your greatest good. We bring our teachings to you to help clarify your purpose in life on Earth. You are all going through an evolutionary process whether this is conscious to you or not. Even if you do not believe the accuracy of this statement, it is still true. Contemplate this thought. We will make our presence known again when you desire further understanding. We are Ra, sending you love and peace.

And a further transmission:

Behold, we are Ra and come always with great love, compassion, and forgiveness. We choose to love over all else. It is our desire for all humans to love as we do, which means ultimately each must love the self. That is the core. Put aside fear, anger, jealousy, hate, lack and low self esteem. Use the power of love for yourself and others to proceed slowly and surely to clear these energies. Do not say “I can”t”. Anything is possible when you are willing.

Did you know your life purpose on Earth is to let go of lower vibrational energies in order to experience the joy of existence? That is all it is, and there are infinite possibilities to achieve this goal. It is not only for acquiring wealth, although that may occur. It is not ultimately for gaining power, although that too may come to be. It is for the purpose of being blissfully happy, regardless of what goes on around you. How do you do it? Love and accept yourself and all others. Anything is possible when there is trust in the Higher Power that it is so.

Now is the time to be fully aware of your purpose and work diligently at raising your vibration. We suggest meditation to assist in finding guidance and clarity. As you practice, you will discover direction through your thoughts and intuition. Trust you are being guided Divinely and in time, all will be well. This is Ra and we are Love. There is only love. All else is illusory.