The value of being open is enormous on different levels. It can help you achieve your goals, benefit from a variety of experiences, and establish deep relationships. Although being open makes us vulnerable, the rewards lead to a happier life in general. This essay is a brief look at goals, experiences, and relationships.

Achieving Goals

When you are open to considering more than one way to achieve your goal, the opportunities for success grow. Openness expands your horizons, drawing in a multitude of possibilities to reach it. Trying new things increases confidence in your decision-making skills. You become less ‘stuck’, and doubt yourself less because you realize, and have experienced, many ways to achieve your desires. Being more open helps you overcome fears of not being good enough, or lacking in some way. One value of being open is it helps you surmount limiting beliefs about who you are. In addition, you learn to trust more in yourself, rather than relying  on the opinions of others.


When you are open to new experiences, you widen your world. It becomes more exciting and emboldens you to try more and more. You learn new skills, meet new people and marvel at the expansiveness of the world. Granted, experiences can be good or bad, but the more open you are, the more you can appreciate the lessons that come from either type. Sometimes, bad experiences lead you to changes that make your life better than you could possibly imagine.


The type of relationship you have with another depends on your openness to that other person. Being open offers the opportunity to learn new things about the other person that may be different from your own experiences. It also helps you take a look inside regarding your own beliefs about other people, and relationships in general. In other words, it broadens your horizons. When you limit yourself, the world can sometimes seem like a fearful place where you can get hurt. But when you move past the fear and hurt, there are rewards that lead to more love for another, as well as yourself, and a happy and fuller life.

Openness carries with it many risks of being hurt or misunderstood. But being open helps you to grow and tap into your potential. Adonai.