The spirit of the holidays helps us connect with others. This happens in ways that do not often happen at other times of the year. For example, families and communities gather more. People smile as they enjoy the festivities and decorations. We think of others and show generosity at this time of year. The lights help to raise our spirits as darkness encroaches on us. Most importantly, many religions celebrate traditions of light during this season. All these aspects of the holidays can help us recognize we are ultimately united in oneness.

Families and Communities

Holidays, or Holy Days, help us acknowledge important traditions for our families and communities. Regardless of our tradition, we gather to celebrate together in the spirit of the holidays. As a result, we make an effort to renew ourselves with the religion we practice. This renewal involves not only family, but community too. There are public events of celebration as well as private ones.

Expectations can run high. However, our focus on the meaning of the holiday helps us appreciate it. Then we can feel a deeper connection to our family and community which is not materialistic.

Festivities and Decorations

Festivities and decorations have become part of the spirit of the holidays. They can foster a great deal of caring for others. For instance, grab bags, holiday meals and sponsorship of gifts for the needy brighten people’s day. In addition, they help to gather a wider community than single families. These gatherings foster companionship, food, music and gifts. This results in raising everyone’s vibration and happiness.


Importantly, this is a time of year when people are generous. They go out of their way to contact friends and relatives through cards, calls, and invitations. Donations to charities increase the good will. There is a recognition that others may be in need and the call is answered. People are even generous with their smiles. They may even offer wishes of good cheer as they go about their business. However we participate, we are bringing more light into the world and that is good.

Religious Traditions

Ultimately, the spirit of the holidays is about religious traditions. These traditions bond families and communities together. They help us remember hope, love, charity, and who we are as people. At this time of year, we may ask ourselves questions. What is important to our family and community? How do we treat each other? Do we honor not only ourselves, but all others? Our religions encourage us to expand ourselves in many ways. This spirit asks us to be better. It urges us to treat all people with respect and honor.

In this time of darkness and light, have hope, and be kind, generous and loving toward everyone. Let us all join together in unity and oneness for a better world throughout the year. Adonai.