The Divine Masculine is the practical side of you. When you combine it with the qualities of the Divine Feminine, balance comes into your life. That balance enables you to handle life situations not only with wisdom and compassion, but also with logic and confidence. There are many Divine Masculine qualities.  Some qualities are: physicality, goal-oriented, risk taker, provider, decision maker, logical/analytic thinker, protector, leadership, resilience, responsibility, believer in the sacredness of sex, and spirituality.


The Divine Masculine properties of physicality, risk-taker, provider, and protector fall under this heading. The masculine part of you takes on physical projects and responsibilities. This also includes taking care of the body through exercise and physical labor. Construction, landscaping, home or car repairs, body building, jogging, taking risks for the rush, and even extreme sports encompass masculine energies.

Being a provider for yourself, as well as your family is a traditional masculine expectation. But in this day and age, there is no distinction with gender. This role is assumed for those who are living by themselves, sharing a living arrangement, or those in traditional families. That person(s) takes on responsibility to earn money in some way to maintain their living situation. Of course, not all jobs involve physical labor, but they do require physical involvement of some type.

Another masculine trait is that of a protector. Again, men have traditionally taken on this role, but it is not exclusive to them. The protector takes on the responsibility of making sure those who are weaker, or in need, are defended if necessary. This defense might be physical, but can also be verbal, or emotional. Most people need to be protected at some point in their life. Usually, young children need protection, but require less as they mature. In addition, women may warrant protection in threatening circumstances. As the Divine Masculine energies develop, more responsibility is assigned to or assumed by the person who has the strength to be the protector.


The Divine Masculine properties of logical/analytical thinking, decision-making, leadership, and goal orientation fall into the mental category. Using logic and being able to analyze a situation is an important skill for understanding how to proceed in life successfully. This masculine energy helps you make sense of information so you can use it to your advantage.

Once you organize your thoughts logically, you can analyze the information and make appropriate decisions. This is not to say, all decisions you make will be suitable, but most will be. Being able to mentally develop and use these aspects to contribute to your well-being and that of others is a sign of leadership potential. Leadership can be found on different levels, from being the leader of your family to being the leader of your town, state, country, organization, or team.

All these aspects of the Divine Masculine are available to everyone. It is up to each person to develop and utilize these possibilities as best they can. When you realize the possibility is within, you may be motivated to do just that. Females have the potential within them, so these qualities can be part of their lives, as well as the lives of males.


Resilience, responsibility, sacredness of sex, and spirituality are emotional components of the Divine Masculine. Resilience is about bouncing back, finding a way, being resourceful, having a positive attitude, and being flexible. Resilient people don’t give in to despair, anger, or frustration. They refuse to be blocked and work to move forward in life.

Responsibility is a strong characteristic of the Divine Masculine. Some words that describe responsibility are commitment, duty, need, obligation, duty, or burden. Obviously,  there are both positive and negative connotations for this word, depending on the state of mind a person finds him or herself in. When responsibility is a commitment, a person fully embraces their role. If it becomes a burden, a person may try to escape, or weaken it in some way. The Divine Masculine energies are those of commitment to oneself, as well as others who need it.

Believing in the sacredness of sex is another attribute of the Divine Masculine. This quality goes hand in hand with commitment to the relationship, as well as to oneself and the other. These energies rise above the need for gratification or procreation. This is a higher calling of love, respect, and dedication to another.

Finally, spirituality is an important aspect of the Divine Masculine. Understanding and accepting there is a Higher Power watching over you and guiding you in life is comforting.  Accepting there is connection among all beings helps prevent loneliness and estrangement. Realizing that love is the most important energy you can offer yourself and others brings joy into life. Realizing that acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness build a firm foundation for all relationships helps with communication and fosters respect. Spirituality is the opposite of materialism and competition. The Divine Masculine understands its importance in living a complete life.


Everyone has Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within. A person becomes more complete when he or she is able to bring forth the masculine and feminine qualities in a balanced way. The masculine profits from more intuition and nurturing qualities, while the feminine gains from bringing forth qualities like assertiveness and leadership. For thousands of years, masculine energies have dominated the world. This has brought wars, famines, materialism, and disregard for the common good throughout the entire planet. It is time for feminine energies to rise, not to take over, but to bring more reason to us all. Ultimately, when society and families accept the balance within each of us, we will be in a much healthier time. Adonai.