The Collective Consciousness is an energy source that contains all the thoughts and emotions of everyone on earth. It is one aspect of many that influences your daily life. Most people are unaware of the Collective Consciousness and how each person contributes to and is swayed by this energy field.


Your thoughts feed directly into the Collective Consciousness. All your thoughts are a reflection of who you are as an individual. They are directly related to outside influences, such as the people, places, material things, knowledge, and ideas you are exposed to. As you grow, you incorporate some of these into your life and discard others that do not resonate with you. Over time, this changes. You start to believe some things you previously rejected and reject other parts of your original thought processes that no longer make sense.

As you can see, thoughts are always changing collectively, as well. The Collective Consciousness ebbs and flows with the thoughts that are constantly feeding it. This is also true of the emotions you feel.


Your emotions are a reflection of your thoughts. For example, when you are thinking positively, you express positive emotions like satisfaction, happiness, joy, or love.You feel better about yourself and others enjoy being with you, too.

On the other hand, when your thoughts are negative, you emit lower vibrational emotions like anger, anxiety, jealousy, frustration, or fear. Just the opposite of positive emotions, when you are not happy, others tend to feel your unhappiness, feed it, or avoid it. So not only are you supplying  the Collective Consciousness with your thoughts, but the emotions you feel also influence it.


Just as you influence the Collective Consciousness, it is one of the influences that affects you, and the world we live in. We can look at it historically. There have been ‘golden’ ages, where many areas of life flourished. These were times that felt positive. So, the thoughts and emotional energies of the major part of the population were reflected more predominantly in the Collective Consciousness. There was an exchange between the individuals on earth and the Consciousness that was uplifting.

There have also been periods in history that produced a great deal of suffering in the world. Wars, famine, and plagues dominated. It was at these times when such energies influenced the Collective Consciousness as well. The hostile times produced a great deal of suffering and death. They transmitted the opposite effect from the ‘golden’ ages. The heavy suffering on earth fed the Consciousness, and it, in turn, fed the thoughts and emotions on earth.

We are in a period of suffering presently. There is a lot of fear and anxiety, war and natural disasters, and greed and selfishness in the world. These energies are dominating the Collective Consciousness. Consequently, the world is feeling very unstable. However, there is hope and possibility for a change in this energy. As people change their thoughts, as well as their feelings, from negative to positive, the Consciousness will reflect that. We are at the tipping point.

How To Help

When you are dogmatic about your opinions and ideas, there is little space for expansion. It’s saying, I’m right and you’re wrong, that I win and you lose, that power is more important than cooperation and respect, that I’m better than you. The ego wins at all cost. In order to change these energies, openness, forgiveness, compassion, and respect toward others is essential. Making a change in your thinking does not diminish you as a person, it actually elevates you.

When more people can be open enough to make changes in their thinking for the betterment of all, our world will be a beautiful, uplifting, peaceful place to live. Then we will reap the benefits of a mostly positive Collective Consciousness. It is important we all do our part to change the energies around us, or we will suffer the consequences of our actions. Adonai.