The advantage of crystals and their properties can be seen in the following ways. First, they can decorate your home. Second, crystals are often worn or carried. Third, you can meditate with them. And fourth, dreams can be enhanced with them. In addition, they are used in grids; some crystals are used for energy work; and essential oils and essences can be enhanced with crystals, as well.


One advantage of crystals is they are beautiful. They have been appreciated for thousands of years. As a result, people use them in their homes to enhance the ambiance of their home space visually. There is something about displaying a lovely crystal that brings a warmth there. In addition, crystals make a wonderful conversation piece.

beautiful quartz crystal

Furthermore, having crystals throughout a home is an advantage because they can boost the energy of that environment. Because different crystals have their own properties, each one will emanate its own special vibration. It is subtle, but there, as an enhanced energy in the home.

Wearing and Carrying Crystals

Some people wear crystals as jewelry, while others prefer to carry them in a pocket or pouch. Crystals in jewelry were always recognized as being an advantage to the wearer. As a result, while they decorate the body, they also offer energetic properties. For instance, they are used for healing, protection, love, meditation, and so much more. When you are drawn to a crystal, that stone is speaking to you energetically. There is something inside you that needs what that crystal can provide. So pay attention to that calling. That crystal could be very helpful to you in some way.

Some people enjoy crystals in jewelry, while others prefer to carry them. A crystal in a pocket offers just as much as one in a piece of jewelry. Sometimes, you may happen upon a stone or crystal that attracts you for one reason or another. That’s a keeper. It is saying, ‘Let’s work together, at least for a while.’  Then spend some quiet time with it to see what the connection is, or what the stone offers you.choose your crystal

One advantage of crystals is that some will be part of your life forever and others for a shorter time. You get to choose. Variety is great, so don’t think once you have a crystal, it must always be yours. When you feel your relationship is over, move on. Gift the stone to another who may appreciate it. Or bury it in the ground to return it to Mother Earth. Your crystal will continue to emanate its energy with the right person or place.


Meditation is a wonderful way to get in touch with yourself and with God. One advantage of crystals in meditating is to help bring you into a higher state of consciousness with practice. Clear quartz is a wonderful crystal to use because it enhances the energies around it. Even a small piece can be helpful. Set an intention for your crystal to help you meditate. Then just sit quietly, holding the quartz. Breathe in and out, focusing on this breath as best you can. When your mind wanders, acknowledge the wandering and come back to focusing on your breath. The energies of the crystal will begin to help you establish a pattern to clear your mind.quartz crystal

Clear quartz is not the only meditation stone. If you are working on loving yourself and others, use rose quartz. Amethyst offers protection, Divine connection and release of addictions. Carnelian offers courage, confidence and vitality. In addition, Calcite is a stone that is cleansing, refreshing and revitalizing. Regardless of your needs, there is a crystal that can be of service in meditation, as well as other parts of your life.

The advantages of crystals we spoke of in this blog are for decoration, wearing or carrying them, and meditating with them. At another time, I will write about crystals with dreams, grids, energy work, and essential oils. There is so much that crystals offer us, so see what they can offer you!  Adonai.