You all possess innate talents that help distinguish you. This angel card reading comes from the Life Purpose Oracle Card set by Doreen Virtue, PhD. The cards chosen acknowledge three individual talents, any one of which you may enjoy. It is also possible you are fortunate to exhibit a gift in more than one area. Regardless of whether or not you have an aptitude for authorship, oration or healing, be proud of your talent and let it shine for others to enjoy.

Speaker: Your life purpose involves your skills of oration.

Doreen tells us, “This card indicates that your dream of being a professional speaker is more than a dream. You have much to share with others, and the best way to reach your audience is on the speaker’s platform. While it’s normal to feel intimidated by the process of presenting your ideas in public, the angels see that your life purpose will help you overcome these fears. In fact, you’ll learn to enjoy being a public speaker, according to this card.

“You may have also received this card because your soul’s profession involves some other aspect of teaching or entertainment. For example, you may be destined for acting, dancing, singing, or playing a musical instrument. This card indicates that your purpose involves a public arena, and that you’re well suited to bring blessings to a wide audience.” [Guidebook: pp.77-78]

Author: You have a book inside of you that wishes to be expressed. Make the time to write it.

Doreen says, “You’ve long had the thought of writing a book. This endeavor is part of your life purpose. Although you may not have a fully formed concept in mind, the act of writing will prime the pump and create a flow of ideas. You’ll tap into the Divine infinite wisdom while writing, which will help you better hear the voice of God and the angels.

“Most authors pen their books in small time increments, so don’t think that you need to retire in order to have the hours to devote to writing. Remember that if you finish just one page a day, in a year you will have produced a 365-page book!

“If you need additional confidence in your writing abilities, you can always take classes, join or start a writers’ group, or hire an editor. The main point is to write… now!” [Guidebook: pp.19-20]

Healer: You have the spiritual gift of healing, and a desire to share it with others.

Doreen explains, “This card validates what you’ve always known: You are a healer. While each person possesses this gift, some- like you- have refined and polished their abilities. The Divine love and light within every sentient being can be directed and amplified others, and you’ve learned how to do so through many lifetimes devoted to healing work.

“You’ve been conducting this work for most of your present life, and others are naturally drawn to you for help. You’re compassionate, intuitive, and sensitive. For this reason, you can build up confidence in your healing abilities by trusting your feelings and intuitive ideas. You can also feel more self-assured as a healer by taking classes related to your interests, even if they’re an eclectic mix of subjects.

“As a healer, you’ll need to take exceptional care of yourself emotionally and physically to withstand the intense energetic demand of taking care of others. Follow your intuitive guidance as to diet, exercise, and lifestyle; and practice healthy boundaries with other people. Remember that the greatest healers know when to take rests and also how to balance giving and receiving. By practicing a healthy lifestyle yourself, you become an inspiring role model and ensure your longevity in the healing profession.” [Guidebook: pp. 47-48]


Your talent or talents may reside within the three life purpose cards discussed here. If so, take this reading as a sign to help you move forward with it or them. If you do not resonate with any of these life purposes, take this reading as a sign to begin to examine what your life purpose actually is. Then begin to move forward by calling on the angels for guidance to begin and then keep you going. On the other hand, you may already know, what it is, and are successfully practicing right now. So call on the angels to continually watch over you as you bring your talents into the world. May your inspiration and guidance be an example for others. Adonai.