Welcome to advice from the Angels of Light, a set of oracle cards by Ambika Wauters. They offer three messages of refinement. learning, and power this month. The first is to help with refinement of what is important in your life. Message two is about incorporating new information by broadening ideas about oneself and others. And, finally, the third is a discussion of the meaning of power.


As we consider refinement, learning, and power, let us call on the Angel of Refinement to teach us how to raise our vibration to the highest level. Help us seek the gold of inner truth, and resist negative thinking. When we choose refinement, we understand our worthiness in receiving the best for ourselves. Refinement is a form of uplifting our self-awareness and releasing what is base, unrefined and coarse in us. We seek to create refinement in how we perceive the world to be.

Refining our tastes helps us cultivate a belief in expecting the very best for ourselves. We are meant, by nature, to elevate our spirit to a higher level. This automatically refines us, making us more beautiful and elegant. A refined spirit is something we cultivate through honoring the depth and richness of our feelings and listening intently to our own wisdom. Refined vision sees beauty in all things, and knows how to let this blossom and take form. A refined ear hears only the truth and eliminates hyperbole.

When we seek refinement, we are asking for the best in all things. We let what does not hold the promise of beauty, grace, warmth, kindness or love fall away.


We are all at different levels of learning in how we manage our lives, find happiness and seek fulfillment. Let us call on the Angel of Learning to teach us to make wholesome choices. Finding forgiveness for errors of judgment teaches us that perfection is an illusion and we all make mistakes. This helps us learn understanding and compassion.

Learning how to transform negativity into goodness requires emotional control and a willingness not to judge others. Detachment from our own projections teaches us to let go of harsh judgments and negative fixed ideas. Stepping back from trying to control the outcome of a situation teaches us humility in the face of a higher power. Learning connects us to the truth of our being and teaches us how to relate to the world and find positive solutions to difficult situations.

As we mature, we learn how to deal with sorrow and loss. Our maturity is strengthened and defined by our ability to learn from challenging experiences. Learning what is true teaches us to be discerning; learning to love who we are- in spite of our shortcomings- teaches us to love ourselves with the same grace with which we are loved by the Divine.


Connect to the Angel of Power to move you forward in life and enhance your personal and professional situations. You can choose how to cultivate the right use of power and be wise in how you use it. Power can help you create, build and do good in the world. Cultivate clear intentions to call your power back from anyone or anything you projected it onto. Own your power by standing strong and affirming your right to your own life.

Learning to use power for the highest good develops maturity and awareness over time. It requires consciousness, willpower and wisdom to possess the power to make dreams become reality. We all need training, and the opportunity for development, in how to own our power and use it for the good.

Right use of power asks us to build up positive forces, and enhance and create opportunities for goodness to express itself. Power moves things, people, situations and events. We always have a choice of how to use power for the highest good; we just need help and guidance in owning our power and learning how to use it wisely.

The Angels of Light send their love to you. They offer three important messages this month- refinement, learning, and power.  It is up to you to decide which messages have meaning for you. Each idea offers advice on raising your vibration to enjoy a fulfilling life. We hope you will benefit from their wisdom. Adonai.