Reiki is universal life force energy. It has been present on this earth for thousands of years. This energy has evolved in different places in different ways with different people. It continues to evolve. Everything contains this energy, whether it be spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical. A Reiki practitioner uses this energy for healing and for the highest good of a person, situation, or place.

Evolving Energy

Psychic Reiki evolved from the Reiki energy Mikao Usui discovered in the early 1900’s in Japan. Another international energy healer, Brett Bevell, uncovered and developed this evolved Reiki. Brett is also a teacher at Omega Institute. Here he worked with staff and students to discover how to use the essence of Reiki found within everything.  He experimented in many ways and discovered a variety of techniques to enhance healing in a simple, yet profound way. This type of Reiki uses these techniques through a Reiki Crystal and the practitioner’s intuition.

Psychic Reiki might be interpreted as a psychic reading session, but it is not. ‘Psychic’ in this case refers to the intuitive messages the practitioner receives and then interprets. These messages are used to understand the specific energies a person needs in the session.

The Essence of Psychic Reiki

In working with this energy, Brett discovered that almost everything has Reiki within it. The Reiki Crystal, which Brett believed came from ‘Mikao Usui’s Crystal of Awakening’, holds the essence of all things within it. Whatever essence, or property is needed for a person, Psychic Reiki can provide it. It offers an opportunity for healing on a deep level.

For example, a few properties of fire are heat, cleansing, energy, the colors red or orange, etc. To use the ‘Reiki of fire’ would be using the positive aspects of what fire actually is and/or does energetically. If a person needs an energy boost, the ‘Reiki of fire’ is a good property of Reiki energy to call on. The Reiki essence of almost anything offers help to heal on some level. For instance, the essence of the ‘Reiki of sunshine’ helps with depression, just as being in sunshine can. Additionally, the essence of the ‘Reiki of the water from Lourdes’ can be used for assisting in healing in multiple ways energetically. In all situations, use of Reiki for healing works for the highest good for any person (with their permission), situation or place.

Attuning to Psychic Reiki

A person is attuned to Psychic Reiki when he or she receives a Reiki crystal in the area of the heart. This is received from an attuned Psychic Reiki practitioner.  This crystal is not a physical one, but rather an energetic one. Quite simply, it has the ability to do everything Usui Reiki energy can do, solely by using thought, or a vocal request. It is transmitted in person, or to a person, place or situation through time and space. Anyone with the desire and time can be attuned, and can learn how to use this beautiful Reiki energy.

What Is A Session Like?

Once a person is attuned, he or she is capable of using Psychic Reiki energy for him/herself or others. It can be a simple healing or a deep one. In general, whoever is receiving the Reiki lies down in a comfortable manner to receive the energy. This can be done either in person or at a distance. A simple session would include working with the physical body and its various systems, and a person’s energy bodies. This includes the mental, emotional, and karmic bodies as well as the chakras and meridians. The energy is transmitted to this person telepathically from the practitioner’s mind with the assistance of the Reiki Crystal.

To deepen the healing, energies from colors, shapes, holograms, lasers, sacred places, temples, grids, and/or elements, to name a few, are added to the basic session. Once these energies are set up, they are integrated for a deep healing. Psychic Reiki energy is very effective, working quickly and efficiently. It works particularly well when the person receiving it is open to the possibilities it can provide. The more it is used, the higher the vibration being delivered and the greater benefit received.


Psychic Reiki fits in with the basic Usui Reiki modality of healing. It offers many resources for helping people raise their vibration in order to live a meaningful life. Also, it provides a means for clearing energies that keep a person from growing, as well as helps pave a path for a happier existence. If you have read to the end of this essay, you have received Psychic Reiki energies that have been embedded here.  May you enjoy its benefits. Adonai