New Year advice from the angels is usually a reminder to consider broader issues in your life. Because it’s so easy to dwell in the past or worry about the future, you can lose sight of the bigger picture. This month’s angel card reading comes from the Life Purpose deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Three cards were chosen: study, counseling, and energy healing.


New Year Advice: Reading, research, and education help you gain confidence and clarity with your career.

Jobs and careers are slightly different. A job may or may not take specific training. It may also be short termed. If you have a career, rather than a job, you are probably in it for the long term. You have spent time preparing for it through reading, research, and education. It’s possible you will evolve within that career when opportunities present themselves. So educating yourself can play a part in helping you advance. The wider your knowledge, the better. That is to say, education helps you develop a broader perspective of the needs and responsibilities that are part of that career.

In addition, reading, research, and education may be part of your life in general, having nothing specific to do with a job or career. Curiosity can lead you down many paths that enhance your understanding of yourself and the world. Of course, there are other ways to expand your knowledge base through audio, video, conversations, explorations in nature, and the like. The point is to multiply your options so you are able to live a full, interesting life.


New Year Advice: You heal with kind words, wise advice, and an empathetic ear.

Sometimes counseling is thought of in terms of therapy. It is a formal way of getting advice and coping skills to help live life. However, each of you can counsel others through kind words, wise advice, and an empathetic ear. Kindness and empathy can go a long way in helping another person get through a tough situation. Knowing you’re not alone can be very important when you’re struggling. Kindness can make a great deal of difference when someone is feeling lost and can’t find their way. In addition, empathy helps others be aware that what they are experiencing is part of many peoples’ lives. They are part of a larger whole, which can be helpful.

Wise advice comes from experiences that have taught you lessons in how to live life more smoothly. They help you overcome your ego. So, share your experiences as a means of helping another find direction, or understanding. All you can offer is guidance. Most importantly, don’t expect them to do exactly as you did, because everyone has different needs, understandings, and wants. Ultimately, ou are giving them an opportunity to overcome their ego, so they can make good choices.

Energy Healing

New Year Advice: Your natural energy healing abilities are an important part of your life purpose.

You don’t need to go to a healer to heal. Healing yourself is ‘an inside job’, as they say. It comes from introspection, as well as your beliefs, and thoughts. Healing yourself takes a conscious desire to heal, or change. It also takes time and persistence to make the changes you want. It’s about taking responsibility for you, your thoughts, and your actions. That is to say, others do not do damage to you, you damage yourself through negative thoughts.

As you become more aware of your thoughts, take the time to stop and examine them. Is the thought something you want to continue because it raises your vibration in some way? Or is that thought going to make you unhappy? Every thought is part of a choice. You always have the opportunity to choose differently, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

Many times when you react to a situation, you’re not even thinking consciously. That’s why it is beneficial to stop for a moment when a strong feeling comes up. That pause gives you a few seconds to take a deep breath and consider what the best response might be. Also, when you are aware that what you see outside yourself is a reflection of what is going on internally for you, this gives you added insight. Then, you can respond in an appropriate manner. So, when you understand and accept that you control what happens in your life, healing is an inside job. How much better it is to control your life yourself. There’s a lot of power in that.


The angels wish you a happy new year. May you use your mind for your greatest good, your kindness to create a better world, and your natural abilities to heal yourself in order to offer a positive contribution to humanity. Adonai.