Sometimes, making a decision can be pretty easy. This is true, particularly when you have a goal in mind that has little consequence to the outcome. Do you go to this movie or that? Do you prefer pizza, or Thai food? This Angel Card reading looks at simple and major decision making. The three cards drawn come from the Angel Card Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD, and Radleigh Valentine. Two of these are Earth cards, which have to do with meeting our needs in the world. One is an Air card, which deals with the mind, making choices and the fears and worries that come with them.

Two of Earth

Too much going on at once. The need to make a decision. Consider a more playful approach.

‘Two’ cards often indicate making a choice between two different options. They also may seek to expose multiple meanings in order to find the best possible outcome. This card is bringing up the reality that many of us have lives that are extremely busy, perhaps even overwhelming. When that is so, it’s time to decide either to continue on the same path, or make a different choice. Looking at various options, both serious and frivolous, can help to put the situation in perspective. Sometimes light-heartedness can be beneficial in getting us out of the same repetitive thought process. Making a decision can be simple when the choices are clear. However, that is not always the case. Playing with options can loosen up the thought processes.

Four of Air

Time to rest or take a vacation. Allow more time before making a decision. Meditation may provide answers.

‘Four’ cards represent a solid foundation, structure, order, balance, and discipline. In addition, the Four of Air suggests need for some inner reflection. If you are involved in making a decision when your life is overloaded, it is a good idea to give yourself some time and/or space.

Exploring options, considering the pros and cons of each one, adding more ideas, or eliminating others are all worth the time. Sometimes, getting away from the whole process to relax, whether going away on a vacation, or finding something different and enjoyable to engage with can be very helpful.

On the other hand, simply sitting in silence and trusting that the right decision will come to you is also effective. Deep down inside, you already know the answer to your problem. It’s when we’re so busy it gets covered up. So give yourself time to clear the clutter and just listen to find the answer. You may have to listen over and over again, but it’s worth it.

Three of Earth

The power of creativity. Recognition for very high quality work. Be a ‘team player’.

‘Three’ cards represent creativity, growth, and self-expression. They indicate a need to see clearly where we are headed, making a decision based on those goals.

Taking the time to create through gathering information, being clear on your desired outcome, taking time to consider all your options and then putting it all together is the basis for being creative. Therefore, making a decision that is of any importance takes a lot of thought and time.

Thinking outside the box brings your decision-making to a whole new level. It can be the difference between an exceptional result and a rather ordinary one. That’s why being part of a team at work or in organizations, with family, or groups in general is helpful. As long as all ideas are accepted, frivolous or serious, a better result will emerge.


Making a very good decision takes time, thought, a conducive setting, and an open mind, as well as a playful approach and some creativity. When all else fails, call on your angel guides. Adonai.