Light expresses in many forms. It is illumination, but also love, hope, laughter, grace, joy, gratitude, and so much more. It has the ability to lift your mood and raise your vibration. Light creates peace, a presence of God, the ability to see your path clearly, and a means to discover the enlightenment of your soul. Bringing light into your life is significant. Ultimately, we all want to be happy, and light in its many forms is a means to that end.

Poem by Morgan Harper Nichols

One of the

beautiful things

about Light

is that

once you are dancing it,

your shadow

dances too.

For no matter

the darkness

that comes

your way,

Light is here

to lead

you through.

What Is Light?

Light expresses in many forms. It is a high vibrational energy. Your light quotient is a measurement of light energy. This can be expressed physically, illuminating wherever you are, or whatever you need to see. Light can be soothing, but can also be intense in its brightness or its temperature. The right level of intensity can make a difference in whether your experience is positive or negative. On the other hand, the absence of light makes it difficult to do almost everything. When experiencing no light, you might feel a strong sense of disorientation. It would cause you to lose your sense of direction and any sense of where you were. So, it’s important to experience physical light at least some of the time.

Emotional Light

You can also think of light in terms of the energy that elevates your emotions through thoughts, words, and deeds. The higher the emotion you feel, the higher the light quotient being produced. For example, thoughts that help anticipate an event of great importance to you are filled with light energy. Compliments are filled with this energy, as well. Additionally, gestures of kindness contain a high light quotient. All produce emotions that are enjoyable.

Emotions that contain little or no light energy prevent you from living a full and happy life. Anger, sadness, fear, jealousy, and selfishness (to name a few) are all emotions that lack light. They are the type of emotions that often consume your thought processes to an extent that they’re difficult to overcome. You could call them emotional quagmires. To be sure, your emotions influence your thoughts and vice versa. Dark thoughts produce dark emotions. Working to consciously think and feel lighter thoughts and emotions can bring appreciation and joy into your life.

Mental Light

The thoughts you have also contain the energy of light. Consider the endless news cycles which contain very little light. The topics being reported tend to be full of drama and negative information. War, inflation and financial problems, mass murders, cheating and bribery are only a few that come to mind. The more you hear, see and read about these things, the more intense they seem. You can be consumed by all the bad news. Then, consequently, your light quotient and your emotions plummet. and your outlook on life dims. But it’s always good to remember you have a choice in everything you think, say, and do.

The good news is your life does not have to reflect the depressing things happening around the world and around you. When you take charge of your thoughts, you can raise your light quotient. This may mean limiting your exposure to the events of the world. In addition, it may mean decreasing the number of people in your life who complain, gossip, and tear others down. Surrounding yourself with people who have a positive outlook can make a difference in your own outlook. These are people who are kind and enjoy building others up.  They are those who search for positive ideas that help build a more satisfying life for themselves, their families, their communities and perhaps, even the world.

Spiritual Light

Spiritual light is based upon the amount of light you allow for yourself. The more light you bring in physically, emotionally, and mentally, the better the position you are in to achieve spiritual enlightenment. This path is not necessarily easy, but it is definitely worthwhile. When you are on a spiritual path, the most important connection you have is with God, or Source, your Higher Self, or your intuition. It is about knowing and valuing yourself over and above all else. Which is not easy when everyone else wants you to value them the most. But you are here on this earth plane to grow spiritually, whether you know that or not.

So, how do you grow your spiritual light quotient? This growth comes from increasing your light quotient emotionally and mentally. In broadening your outlook of others and life in general, you begin to understand everyone is here doing the best they can. So, first, it’s about you (and every other individual ) working to rein in your ego. Contrary to popular belief, life is about cooperation, not competition. Second, consciously allowing all persons to be whomever they are without judgment is important. Life looks a lot different when you stop judging. Third, understanding that they have their own unique perspective on life can help you accept them as they are. And fourth, it is important to recognize it is not your job to make sure any other person lives their life as you think.They must live their life as they see fit, just as you must. That makes it easier to accept even difficult situations with respect, and maintain the dignity of all.


To summarize, light expresses in a multitude of forms. The most apparent is its physical manifestation. However, it can be measured emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. Your work in life is to raise your light quotient as best you can. As you do, you begin to live a more satisfying existence, In addition, it also helps the energy of the world become more peaceful and loving. So, my question is, how much light are you allowing into your own life and the life of everyone else? Adonai.