There are many types of oracle life purpose cards, which are prophetic or visionary in nature. Each deck has a particular emphasis, such as relationships, life purpose, or messages from specific enlightened beings. The messages bring an intuitive guidance to help a person know more about important aspects in his or her life. Or they may shed light on the best path to take in a particular circumstance. The choice of a card or cards will unveil a specific meaning for that person. The card may be chosen from any part of the deck, or in a particular order when using more than one. This card reading comes from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, where interpreted angelic messages come through Doreen Virtue. You may find that one or more of these cards has a strong meaning for you.


“Loving your friends and family is central to your life purpose. …This card is a reminder that your life purpose begins at home. You serve an important function through your relationships with the members of your family. This includes the prayers you say on their behalf, the kindness you bestow, and the compassion you have for their actions. This card is also indicative of some forgiveness work that will benefit everyone concerned. You can start the process simply by holding the intention to clear the energy with your loved ones. You already know the people whom you need to forgive, as your first thoughts on this subject were your indicators.

A life purpose does not necessarily mean a wage-paying career. It’s a scope of experience in which you devote yourself to developing your ability to fully love. For most people, relationships with family are grist for the mill in terms of learning to rise above ego challenges. As you focus upon your loved one’s inner beauty, you begin to see it within yourself and all of life.

Today, say prayers for the health and happiness of every family member and notice your inner responses to these blessings. You’ll experience newfound peace, which will benefit you in countless ways.”


You are safe and supported while you change your career, “The angels reassure you that it’s safe for you to make a career transition.and you’ll be supported along the way- provided you listen to and follow your inner guidance.This card indicates that the time is ripe for you to make this change. Hold the intention that this change will allow you to bring more blessings into the world, as an attitude of selfless service will allay the ego”s insecurities. The more you focus upon service, the less your ego will try to delay your happiness.

You, like everyone, have a unique and much-needed life purpose that awaits you with open arms. When you fully commit to helping others through your purpose, the doors of opportunity and support open wide. Your career transition will ride upon the smooth wings of the angels, as long as you’re focused upon serving a higher good.

Continue to call upon the angels for guidance, support, and protection throughout¬† your manifestation. If you find yourself feeling insecure or nervous, put your entire focus on service. When you intend to serve a purpose, that’s when your purpose will begin to serve you.”


The answer that you’re seeking involves going to school. “This card guides you to return to school to further your education and gain new skills related to your dream career. The angels assure you that the timing is ideal for you to take this leap, and it’s part of your Divine life mission. You’ll also find joy in learning about your beloved profession, and you deserve this happiness. It’s part of yuor loving self-care. Your educational path will inspire others to follow their own intuitive paths as well.

For a few, this card also signals that your soul longs to teach in a classroom setting. Helping young people develop their minds and acquire skills is a vital profession, one that the angels are happy to support. Ask them for guidance about your teaching pathway, and they will guide every aspect of it. From their higher perspective, the angels know which avenue is best suited to you and your talents. They’ll guide you to the ideal teaching situation.”


Your life is enhanced by yoga, stretching, and exercising. “To get the clear answers and guidance you seek, turn to yoga. You drew this card because this peaceful activity increases your confidence and intuition, two factors that help you with your life purpose. You’re encouraged to enroll in a yoga class and attend frequently, as in-person sessions offer you motivation, instruction, and camaraderie.

For a few people, this card will signify that your actual life purpose is a career involving yoga. For example, you may be guided to teach this discipline for a specialized group such as children, pregnant women, or the elderly. Perhaps your life purpose is to open a yoga studio or design yoga-inspired clothing.

Regardless of whether yoga is central or peripheral to your purpose, you’re clearly guided to practice this life-affirming form of exercise and stretching. Ask your angels to guide you to the teacher who will best enhance and support your practice. The angels will give you signs and intuitive feelings to point you in the direction of your life purpose.”

In order to have a fulfilling life, it is important to follow your inner light to determine what is best for you. Being proactive, rather than reactive will help you discover a positive direction for your life. This, in turn, will help you discover peace and serenity within, and more happiness and well being overall. Adonai.