Webster’s Dictionary defines the word ‘journey’ as suggesting travel or passage from one place to another. Some journeys are physical, while others can be mental, emotional, or spiritual. Life itself is a journey encompassing all four possibilities, even if you are not aware of being on one. The terms  ‘journey’ and ‘trip’ are often synonymous words used interchangeably. However, the word ‘journey’ implies effort of some sort. It may be straight forward in planning, but it may take you into uncharted territories which are unexpected. It also implies a longer duration of time than a trip.

Journeys can be smooth, or rocky. They can be happy, or frustrating. Parts may be how you want to proceed, and other parts may be totally different than you imagined for yourself. Regardless, you are on an adventurous life journey that involves a number of aspects. Each level tells a part of your story. This essay will explore the physical and mental aspects of life journeys.


Physical journeys take several forms. A physical journey may simply be about moving from one place to another. A vacation entails planning how you would travel. It also includes packing up enough clothes to see you through the time you will be gone. In addition, you need a reasonable amount of cash to feed yourself and pay for any entertainment you were interested in. All the other things that happen on the trip fall into different journey categories than physical.

On the other hand, a job change encompasses much more effort physically. You are literally packing up everything you will need to live in a different place. Your preparation for this type of journey is more complicated because more time and energy are needed. Additionally, your mindset and your emotions will be different than that of your vacation trip.

Physical growth is another type of journey. You grow and mature at different rates throughout your life. This can have an impact on how you live and what you do. Sometimes, long-term or short-term health issues impact and change the course of your life. Where you live and who you associate with can also be strong influences on how you tell your story to yourself or others. The food you eat, the exercise you get, the air you breathe, all contribute to your growth and who you are.


Change is an important aspect of any journey. You change physically and have to adapt. Similarly, your mental state grows in various ways and has to adapt. Your outlook on life, how you see the world, is very different when you are middle aged, than how you saw it as a teenager. The journey is about how you make those mental changes that help you grow and enjoy your life.

Journeys always have a mental aspect to them because you are a thinking being. When you have a goal, you make plans for how you will achieve it. You hope these plans will lead you to the finish line without too many changes. Practically speaking, your plans may have to be revised as you move along. As long as you accept that, you can change your ideas fairly easily. Mental planning is one response to some need you have.

Another type of mental journey involves your thought processes from when you are young to each other growth stage in your life. Noticing how you think at different stages and understanding what is reasonable thinking at each stage is part of your life journey. It’s important to remember, how you think produces the emotions you feel.

Where Are You So Far?

The journey of your life involves many journeys. Each one tells a little bit more about who you are, what you do, and what you think is important. If you pieced them all together, you could write an autobiography. Perhaps you have not considered your life in such detail. It could be an interesting exercise for you to explore. In this essay, we looked at aspects of the physical and mental journeys you may take. In my next essay, we will consider emotional and spiritual ones. Until then, may your travels be interesting. Adonai.