It’s never too late to make changes in life. Feeling stuck on any level can stop you in your tracks. However, with a little bit of effort, and a change in perspective, great things can happen. There are three areas of life that are important to consider for you to move forward.


So, forgive yourself for the thoughts and feelings that bring you down. They are an indication of how you are living life. Use them for your benefit. Recognize your feelings and work toward finding a lesson, or some good in your experience. Every time you fail, pick yourself up, forgive yourself and try again to change the outcome.

Begin by making some honest changes in how you look at yourself. If you think you are inferior to others, work to change the thought. Accept that whatever you do, you are a good person, perfect in God’s eyes. Clear unhappiness with self forgiveness, and attempt to do better the next time a similar situation presents itself.  Love and acceptance is yours the more you forgive yourself. In addition, increasing your self love means you have more love to give to others.

It’s Never Too Late to Loveits never too late

Love of oneself is the ultimate goal of life on earth. When loving yourself, you are connected to God in a profound way. To understood this means that God always looks on you as perfection. You can do no wrong in God’s eyes. It is only when you believe otherwise that you do not see the love within yourself as who you truly are.

Love/like makes you energetic, uplifted, and happy. It raises your vibration, which in turn helps keep you healthy and well balanced. When you love yourself, that love is always there as a foundation for who you are and what you stand for. Too many people think they must look outside themselves for love as a substitute for self love. When someone else accepts your love, it feels good. But, rejection can cause unhappiness because this external need is not fulfilled. However, loving another is not about sacrificing yourself. It is more about the other person being a complement to you. Your own life fulfillment comes first. Then sharing life with another enhances both lives.

So, keep a healthy attitude about taking care of yourself. It is your responsibility to do so. When you do, reaching out to others is more effective because you are extending the love that is you for connection. You are extending your internal happiness, which brightens all that surrounds you. And that brightness will attract others who vibrate at this same level of consciousness.

 It’s Never Too Late to be Happy

Happiness comes from existing in a high vibrational state. It is about letting lower vibrational states like anger, frustration, or resentment, go. To be in happiness, you must consciously work to be in a high vibration. Being satisfied, accepting what comes your way, looking for the good in whatever you experience, are all ways to find happiness. When experiencing lower emotions, forgive yourself, change your perspective and love yourself anyway. Then you will be open to the growth process. That process includes both positive and negative situations. Finding the good in any circumstance, means you are moving closer to the Divine and your personal happiness. Therefore, in recognizing your life lessons, accepting how they help you grow, and making positive changes, you work to clear the barriers between God and you.

When born you were perfect. As you grew, you took your value from your family, friends, and society. In doing so, you lost your understanding of how to maintain your purity. Your ultimate purpose on this earth is to find your way back to God and perfection. It’s never too late to do this through forgiveness, love, and happiness. Adonai.