On an energetic level, to increase your vibration implies a stronger connection to the Creator. Raising your vibration also leads to increase in life satisfaction. This essay is a look at some states of mind that can help you live a high vibrational life.

Increase Your Vibration by Living in the Present

When you live in the present, you are living what is happening here and now. There is a realization that the past is gone and no amount of fear, frustration, or anger will change it. That also means worry about the future is also futile. You only have control over what is presently happening in your life. Most of the time, when fully present, your life is manageable. This is because you are dealing with a limited amount of activity going on. This is a time when you have some choices to make. They are more than likely not that overwhelming, nor are you in your head overthinking the problem. You have the opportunity to make choices that are satisfying to you, thus increasing your energetic vibration.

Willingness to Change Will Increase Your Vibration

When you are willing to make changes in your life for the better, your vibration increases. At some point, you may realize you are stuck in patterns that keep you unhappy. The Universe will continue to send you these unhappy situations until you recognize them as damaging to your well being and spiritual growth. What is key is to remember that you always have a choice in every situation. It is up to you to decide what choice to make that will be for your own good, not someone else’s. When you make changes, this can be difficult, but when all is said and done, it can also be very rewarding. When you feel good about yourself, you increase your vibration.

Acceptance Helps With Change

When you recognize the need to change, accepting the situation as it is can be helpful. You then realize it is up to you to drop your resistance to the situation. This enables you to take responsibility for your actions leading up to this point, as well as the choice you make to resolve the problem. When you do that, you empower yourself, thus you increase your vibration. Acceptance also helps you distinguish what your problems are from those of others. It helps you understand where your responsibility lies, and allows you to allow others to take their own responsibility.

Gratitude and Appreciation Help Increase Your Vibration

When you are grateful for who you are, what you do, and what you have, you raise your vibration. Appreciation for your life, life style, and all you have been given and worked for fills you with a sense of satisfaction. Gratitude, appreciation and satisfaction all go hand in hand. It’s what’s in your heart that will raise your vibration, not what you can accomplish with your wallet. There are those who have very little, but appreciate what they have, and who their family and friends are. They are happy, satisfied individuals, who have very little resistance in their life.

Kindness and Compassion are Appreciated

You increase your vibration with kindness and compassion. When you are kind to another who has asked for your help, you look beyond yourself to be of service to them. Your helpfulness brings satisfaction to both you and the other. Appreciate it. Likewise, compassion is recognized as helpful when understanding is extended to a person, but their responsibility for their situation remains with them. Compassion is acknowledgement of a person’s situation without disempowering them. This is different from empathy, which may keep a person emotionally blocked from moving forward in their life,

Increase Your Vibration With Forgiveness

You have truly forgiven a person or situation when you no longer think about him/her or it. Whenever you fixate on a problem, you resist the choice to change your thoughts. This keeps your vibration low when you feel emotions like jealousy, anger, hatred, fear, rage, or the like. You can increase your vibration, and feel a great deal better when you forgive. When you realize you are only hurting yourself, you may decide it is not worth it. Forgiveness is about making your life happier because it helps you move on to more satisfying situations.

Love is the Highest Vibration

Love is all there is. When you love unconditionally, you live in the present, are willing to change, accept, forgive, appreciate, and are compassionate. Anything less is conditional love. Which would you prefer?