Although most people think of energy healing as an in-person modality, it is possible to send energy remotely to a person, place or thing that desires healing. This is called distant or remote healing. A number of modalities use this means of healing. They include Reiki, sound therapy, hypnosis, past life regression, and 13th Octave LaHoChi. There are undoubtedly many more. The transference of energy involves openness and the intention of both the sender and recipient to be part of the healing. Although in-person and remote healing sessions are basically the same, there are a couple of differences. Conveniece is a big one.

Time and Place Factors

Although the result of an in-person or remote energy healing is the same, two advantages of remote healing are time and place. When a healing is remote, there is no travel time going to the session and returning home. This is convenient because you are capable of receiving the healing energy in the comfort of your home. It also means a person can access an energy practitioner anywhere in the world and receive the same benefits as an in-person visit. Technology has allowed this to happen. However, even without technology, it is possible to send energy remotely.

How Does An In-Person and Remote Session Work?

Scientists are learning about the Quantum Field. A very simple explanation of this field is that there is a connection of every one thing to every other thing in the universe. No matter what, each separate part influences all other parts of our existence. No one, or thing, is separate unto itself. We are all sending out to and receiving vibrations from each other.  We just don’t always realize it.

In addition, we don’t always realize how powerful our thoughts and words are. Whatever we think or say has its own vibration that goes out into the world. Again, these vibrations influence everyone and everything. Consider people who are happy. They have an appealing vibration. You can feel it and you are influenced by it to some degree. Likewise, the opposite is true. Someone who is angry is emitting a vibration that does not feel good. You may choose to avoid them because of the influence it has on you.

With in-person and remote energy healing, an intention is set by the receiver. The person decides the purpose of the session and how the energy will help. (Words/thoughts) When the energy is sent, the recipient’s thoughts and words are influenced by it . The distance between the two people does not matter. It’s a form of telepathy.

In actuality, there is no difference between an in-person and remote session except distance. The same healing energy affects the thoughts and words of the recipient in each case. Because of this, change will occur in some positive manner for the recipient.

What Is Each Type of Session Like?

All energy practitioners have their own way of conducting a session, whether it is in-person or remote. An in–person meeting is face to face, and is like a conversation to gather information. A remote meeting would be on a computer, tablet or smart phone, possibly Zoom. When the internet connection is made, the first part is also information gathering. Some questions might be, ‘What are you seeking?’, ‘Tell me why you’re here’, or ‘How can I help you?’.

The Beginning

In a first-time meeting, the practitioner would probably explain what the energy is like and how it could be helpful. Then the client and practitioner would have an exchange regarding what that client wishes to achieve and how that could happen. Once the client feels comfortable moving forward, he or she would set an intention of what might be accomplished with the energy session. This is the routine for in-person and remote sessions.

The Middle

The second part of the session is the actual energy healing. if in-person, I have a massage table my clients lay on with pillows under the head and knees and a blanket for warmth. Soft music is playing as well. If the session is remote, the client leaves the computer and finds a comfortable place to lay, like an in-person session, and perhaps play quiet music of his/her choice. After that, the client will close his/her eyes and the energy begins to flow from the practitioner. The session may last 40-45 minutes.

The End

The last part of the session is a debriefing. Again, an in-person session would be a face to face conversation about what the client experienced and how to use it to move forward. If the session was remote, the client would return to their internet connection to have this conversation with the practitioner. Finally, they decide if more energy work is necessary, or the goal of the session has been accomplished completely.

In conclusion, although there can be a hesitancy to try a remote healing session, it is in fact just as powerful as an in-person session. Remote healing is a convenient way to experience energy work when there are barriers to arranging an in-person visit. There is always personalized treatment, and the energy is effective and strong. If you feel an energy session may help you, don’t limit yourself to an in-person session. We know the pandemic has closed some avenues for personalized sessions. However, that does not mean you cannot receive the benefits of an energy session. So, be proactive and get the help you need in whichever way is convenient for you. Adonai.