The words ‘healing’ and ‘curing’ are sometimes interchanged to describe overcoming a malady of some sort. In the energy world, to heal is not necessarily to cure.


Let us distinguish the words ‘healing and ‘curing’. From Webster’s Dictionary, there are several definitions for the word ‘cure’: 1) recovery or relief from a disease; 2) a course or period of treatment; 3) a permanent solution or remedy. To cure an illness implies the sickness is no longer a problem. There is an urgency to find a cure. When we do, that also implies all is well. The crisis is over. But is it?

When looking for a cure, we seek to change the physicality of a disorder. Of course, this can be helpful in many situations. We may take a pill, such as an antibiotic, to rebalance the chemistry of our body. Or more drastic measures may be necessary to bring the body back to homeostasis. Serious illnesses such as diabetes or cancer need much more intense treatments.

The bigger question is not which pill or regimen will be more effective, but what causes the imbalance in the body in the first place.


To continue, let us delve more deeply into the comparison of ‘healing’ and ‘curing’. The word ‘healing’ holds a much broader meaning than the word ‘cure’. Webster says healing means the following: 1) to make free from injury or disease; to make sound or whole; 2) to restore to health; 3) to patch up or correct; 4) to restore to original purity or integrity.

Energetically, the word ‘healing’ has more to do with the emotions and the soul. When our emotions are influenced by circumstances we encounter, we can benefit when they are positive. However, negative emotions experienced over long periods of time are detrimental.

And where do our emotions actually come from? They evolve from the thoughts we hold in our head. Our thoughts create our reality. Are our thoughts reflecting who we truly are, or are they reflecting what others want us to be? Are we living our lives for our highest good, or are we trying to make others happy at our own expense? The answers to these questions are often reflected in our bodies.

Are we prone to viral infections? Do we suffer from headaches? Have we had a heart attack? The list goes on. When we are not taking care of ourselves on an emotional and soul level, our bodies tell us so.

Healing and Curing

What happens when we combine energy work with allopathic medicine? The results can be remarkable. Even when the ‘cure’ is not possible, the ‘healing’ is. Medicine has many answers for illness, but not all. Energy work is similar. Each works with different aspects of the whole person.

As stated above, medicine works with the physical and mental. Energy modalities work with the emotional and spiritual. Even when the body cannot be returned to its wholeness, we can still be healed. This is because energy work can help us come to terms with who we are and want to be. It helps us accept our situation. In doing so, we change our perspective. We see our life differently and feel gratitude for all we have been given.

Can we be grateful for all we have just using the medicine? Yes, of course. However, it is very easy to slip back into old habits and ways of thinking. Energy work is a backup to make sure we stay the course. It brings us to a higher level of understanding about ourselves and what’s important in life.

There are all types of energy work. Some are yoga, Reiki, sound healing, 13th Octave LaHoChi, crystals,  Akashic Field Healing, and breathwork, to name a few. One modality is only better than another if it works for you. We are all different, and so are our needs. Choose an energy modality that feels right to you and use it to keep yourself in balance. If you make it a regular part of your life, you may need less medicine to keep you healthy. Adonai.