CCF stands for caring, compassion and forgiveness.  Should most people adopt these qualities, the world would look quite different. This card reading comes from Doreen Virtue’s Mary, Queen of Angels oracle card deck. Mary is one of many representations of the Divine Feminine energy present in this world. When Divine Feminine energies are respected, everyone benefits. This is a reminder from Mary of the important qualities that make life worth living: caring, compassion, and forgiveness.


Heaven cares for me, and I keep my heart open to caring about myself, others, and the world.

Caring is the first tier of CCF. Mother Mary tells us, “[This card is] a reminder that she cares deeply for you and your family. Although you may sometimes feel alone, you are definitely watched over and protected! When life is stressful, though, as it has been lately…, you may not feel the Blessed Mother’s loving presence. [But know she is always there for you.]

This card also asks you to keep your heart open and continue caring for others, even though you may feel unappreciated or used. Remember that your spiritual path is to be loving and helpful, not to change others. However, you don’t need to (nor should you) stay in any abusive or toxic situations or relationships. You can care for someone from afar.

Most important, care for yourself, Dear One. Take time for you and attend to things that are important for your health, happiness, and well-being.” [pp. 21-22]


I see and feel others’ points of view with forgiveness and kindness.

Compassion is the second tier of CCF. Mary tells us, “This card…comes to you to uplift the way you are seeing your current situation and the people in it (including yourself). As a sensitive person, you’re affected by others’ negativity, and this has recently darkened your emotions and thoughts. To bring some light into your world, see people’s situations through the eyes of Mother Mary and the angels. Know that they (and you) are doing the best they can. Although we all make mistakes, ultimately everyone wants the same thing: peace and love.

This card calls for you to be the peacekeeper…, and to make the first move toward a harmonious resolution. By sharing peace and love, you bring healing blessings to [any] situation and increase your own self-esteem.” [pp. 25-26]


I am willing to release old resentments so that I may enjoy my life.

Forgiveness is the final tier of CCF. We are told, ” ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is the message contained within this card. If you’re feeling that you’re stuck in a recurring bad dream, the culprit is likely contained within stored unforgiveness. Throughout life, everyone has endured painful experiences. You’re not alone. However, you do have a choice as to whether to continue suffering from the aftereffects of those experiences. Forgiveness is the purifying, detoxifying agent that allows you to move forward in a whole new way.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you’re endorsing the negative behavior. It simply means that you are unwilling to store the toxic burden of anger within you. And good for you for making this life-changing decision!  After all, your anger only hurts you, not the offending person.

So call upon Mother Mary for help in releasing old emotional burdens: ‘Dear Mother Mary, thank you for putting your healing hands upon my heart and mind, to draw out the darkness of my judgments, blame, and anger toward others. Please help me, Beloved Mother, to see myself and all others as you do and be purified in my perceptions.’ “ [pp. 39-40]


Throughout our world, we are experiencing hatred, anger, discord, and sometimes war. We live in a very difficult time. But if each of us took to heart the suggestions Mother Mary speaks to us about, we would live in a much more harmonious world. Caring for oneself and others, having compassion on a broad scale, as well as letting go of the shortcomings of others and forgiving can make a huge difference. They can change our individual lives, as well as the lives of those we interact with. There is a ripple effect that happens, sending out positive energies into the world for any and all to experience. Are you ready to do your part? Adonai.