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Angel Card readings have been used for hundreds of years to help people understand their past, its relationship to the present, and the possibilities for the future.  Tarot is a kind of Angel Card reading. A card reading could help you gain insight into your life, the joy, as well as sorrow. However this tool can be very helpful and enlightening.

Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine worked together to develop the Angel Tarot cards. Doreen is an internationally known expert in communication with, and understanding of, the angel realm. Radleigh is a world known expert in Tarot.  Traditional Tarot cards have included phrases and images that can be frightening and intimidating.  They have worked together to develop a set of Tarot cards that reflects the positive energies of the angels and the wisdom of the Tarot. The depth of life understanding of traditional tarot is still retained in these new cards, but the fear-based images and words have been reinterpreted as positive, gentle, and life-affirming concepts and images.

Angel card readings can be very simple, or quite complex. A simple reading would be based on a question asked of the angels and a card drawn from a deck that helps to answer the question. Other cards may enhance the reading as well, if necessary. A slightly more complicated reading would consist of three cards being spread to interpret past, present, and future. Other types of readings can involve Angel Tarot cards, with the Celtic Cross reading, or multiple card deck readings. All readings involve past, present and future events, except one card readings.

The angels are always available to help us. We can enlist their assistance by requesting it in our thoughts, prayers, or through Angel Card readings.

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Anita Jones, Certified Angel Card Reader and Reiki MasterAnita Jones, CACR™, is a certified Angel Card reader, and a Reiki Master, and available virtually or in person for a Angel Card reading, for $50 per session.  Please contact Anita for a consultation.