Today, I’d like to write more about facets of crystal energy use in two ways. Crystals are not only used in jewelry and for meditation. They can also be used to enhance your dreams, as well as in body layouts. So let’s examine these two uses.


One facet of crystal energy usdream statee may be to foster dreams. Dreams actually enable us to enter other states of consciousness. Certainly, crystals can influence us physically, mentally and emotionally in everyday life. So it is reasonable to expect them to influence our dream state as well.


Therefore, placing a crystal in your pillowcase, under your pillow or on your nightstand sets the stage. Then while you sleep, the crystal’s vibrations will work with you. You may find your dreams become more vivid. In addition, they may bring you guidance, or be lucid (like they are really happening). You may also have visits from family or friends who have passed. Some people may even astral travel, or have out-of-body experiences.

Specific Crystals

There are so many different crystals, all with different properties. For example, if you are feeling a lack of love, use Rose Quartz to help you feel more love. Herkimer Diamonds enhance color in the dream state and can bring visions to you. Dream Quartz can enhance your dreams, release stress, connect you to spiritual guides and send you astral traveling.

Be Aware

So, always proceed with caution when working with the energies of crystals. Each person will react uniquely to any crystal. Therefore, discontinue use if you are uncomfortable with any reactions. Start slowly. Call on a knowledgeable person for assistance if you experience anxiety or stress.

Crystal Layouts

Another facet of crystal energy use may involve specific crystal layouts on or around the body. For instance, a very simple layout would be placing crystals that resonate with each energy center, or chakra, on the body. This could be part of a meditation or alone. An example follows.

The First Three Chakras

The lowest three chakras enhance physical and emotional energies. First, a black stone like Obsidian would be appropriate for the base, or root, chakra. It has strong grounding energies that anchor you in reality. Second, an orange stone like Carnelian (orange-red) brings confidence and vitality to the sacral chakra. Next, the third chakra, the solar plexus, is about manifestation and personal will. A stone like Citrine (yellow) would be appropriate.

The Bridge

The heart chakra bridges the lower and upper chakras. It resonates with Rose Quartz, enhancing unconditional love.This love is the most important energy anyone can radiate.

The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Chakras

The upper three chakras are about etheric energies such as expressing yourself, thinking, creating and spirituality. First, the fifth chakra at the throat is about expressing thoughts and opinions. Blue stones like Bluelace Agate (light blue) reinforce speaking your truth. Next, the third eye, found between the eyebrows, is your connection to the future and creativity. This is the sixth chakra. Lapis Lazuli (indigo) is a good stone to use here. It enhances inner vision. And finally, the seventh chakra, the crown, at the top of your head is your spiritual connection. A stone like Amethyst (purple) joins your physical and spiritual planes, as well as unites you to higher beings.


There are many ways to use crystal layouts to heal or enhance energies in the body. As was previously expressed, be cautious when creating and using more extensive layouts.

In Conclusion

Two facets of crystal energy use can be in dream work or in crystal layouts. Crystals can generate very powerful energies. Using them can be beneficial physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They can enhance, heal, and connect you to the physical and the metaphysical. They are beautiful to possess and can contribute to your greatest good. Adonai.