This essay examines how to raise your vibration in several ways. There are external means, as well as internal ones. To begin you might wonder why it is beneficial to raise your vibration. Quite simply, when you do, life is enjoyable as well as rewarding. Anyone can do it, anywhere and any time. It’s a natural aphrodisiac. The higher your vibration, the better you feel. We will take a look at external means to raising your vibration today.

How to Raise Your Vibration by Receiving Love

Receiving love from another is a quality way to raise your vibration. Of course, there are different types of love that can come to us.

  • A strong one is romantic love, which is intense and powerful, and sometimes all consuming. Romantic love will fade over time and either reshape into a deeper, broader love, or disappear altogether. Romantic love will raise your vibration temporarily. Deep love sustains and keeps your vibration high.
  • Ideally, parental love supports and helps you grow into a responsible, caring adult. No one is perfect, so the type of love you receive hinges on what your parent learned about love. The more accepting and understanding a parent is toward a child, the more both parent and child are able to experience a higher vibration.
  • The love from a close friend can also help raise your vibration. Just knowing there is someone who likes who you are and understands you elevates your vibration. Some friends come into your life briefly, but have a strong impact on you. Other friends stand by you over a lifetime. Either way, friendships are valuable ways to raise your vibration.
  • Your pets will also offer love to you. That love is abiding. It will last from beginning to end of that animal’s life. Pets respond with high vibration when they are loved in return. Their unconditional acceptance can help you through hard times.

Nature and Exercise Can Help Raise Your Vibration

Being in nature will raise your vibration. Mother Earth energy provides calmness and peace when needed. Being outside to enjoy the fresh air helps to clear your head. Take a deep breath and bring earth energy into your lungs and body. Go for a walk in the woods, or along the beach. Each helps you engage in activities that lift your spirit. Find work outside. Many people have difficulty being contained in an office or building, preferring to feel more free outside. Taking care of a property or garden can perk up your spirit as well. It is the care you give that raises your vibration.

Exercise can also help to raise your vibration. This happens whether it is outdoors, where you can reap the benefits of nature, or indoors in your home or at a gym. There are all sorts of exercise from running, biking, hiking, walking, to swimming, skiing, or skating. There are a variety of machines to help you exercise from bikes to treadmills. In addition, there are different types of exercise from yoga, to zumba. If you are a sedentary person, exercise will help you feel good once you get into it!

How to Raise Your Vibration with Energy Work

Energy work of various types is a great way to raise your vibration. Energy work encompasses many modalities from Reiki, to massage; from 13th Octave LaHoChi to Akashic Field Healing; hypnosis or yoga, and so much more. The purpose of energy work is to help clear blocks in your etheric (energy) body which prevent you from living a high vibrational life.

Such blocks may be emotional, like fear, anger, depression and anxiety. Or they may be in relationships and even in self-assessment. Having low self-esteem and a sense of lack in any way blocks the self love you need to raise your vibration and in turn, blocks the love you extend to others.

Energy work helps to bring a different perspective to your life. It positively influences your current perspective that is blocking your progress. As you are aware, you are constantly influenced by outside forces. They may be family, friends, society, religion, videos and/or TV. You may even live to please others, rather than putting your needs first. Energy work helps you see what is important. This involves taking responsibility for yourself, taking care of your needs, and being in connection with Source. When you can say that is how you live your life, you will be able to say you are happy, living a high vibrational life.

Everyday Sound

Sound is another means to raise your vibration and is also another modality of energy work. Sound is all around you. Some of it is pleasant and even intoxicating, while other sounds may be discordant in some way. Sound is everything you hear, and influences how you feel constantly.

There are everyday sounds in nature. Animal sounds, wind, rain, and thunder just happen. You hear traffic noises, and conversations, jets overhead and so much more. Some you like, others you don’t. The ones you like raise your vibration. Those you don’t like lower it.

The same is true with music. Any music that is uplifting helps. So long as it is contributing to the common good, your vibration will rise. It can be quiet, complicated, loud, exhilarating, or soothing. Each person may have their own preferences, but sounds that reach you on a deep level raise your vibration.

Sound as Energy

Sound, as an energy modality, such as chants, toning, mantras, and instruments, can be very healing. They penetrate to the cellular level, helping to break up energy blocks, in order to clear them. There are universal sounds, such as Om, and the Solfeggio and Schumann frequencies which help to connect us all. It is recognized more and more that sound is now and will be the medicine of the future.

In conclusion, there are many ways to feel good and that are good for you. Whether you receive love, which is necessary for all of us, or something else like engaging with nature, exercise, or energy work, you feel a change in yourself for the better. As the world changes, so must each of us. It is a time to take on new perspectives of what life could be for you as an individual, for us as humans, and for the world at large. Everything is moving forward to a new level of existence. Some will resist this progress, but a better life is coming for all when you accept your part in our evolution. Adonai.