Walking a spiritual path does not necessarily mean becoming a clergy member or entering a convent. It certainly can, of course. The focus is to strive to be closer to God. That is our purpose on earth, whether we realize it or not. One path may be through religious service to others directly. Another may be a process of purifying oneself and, in turn, sending prayers and positive energy into the world. However, there are alternative ways a person can walk a spiritual path.

Living In The Material World

It is possible to be walking a spiritual path while living in the material world. It has a lot to do with choosing attachment, or non-attachment to material possessions, relationships, and even ideas and beliefs.


When walking a spiritual path, there is more focus on the intangibles. As we know, this world offers an incredible amount of choice in material goods. Attachment to them, consciously or unconsciously, leads to competition with others for them. So we may look to see who has the biggest and best and rate ourselves. There’s a lot of judgment and competition involved with this path. On either the conscious or unconscious level, we make comparisons. Do we believe we’re better because we have more, or ‘they’re’ (whoever “they” are) not good enough because ‘they’ can’t keep up with us? Or we are able to acquire more because we are smarter, or more powerful in some way? We may also think ‘they’ can’t keep up with us because they’re actually lazy, or don’t have initiative. Or, we may be the ‘they” and feel envious, resentful, ashamed, or in some way, less.

Regardless of who we are, living in a material world without a spiritual focus can lead to selfishness and greed. It can cause undue attachment to objects at the cost of valuing the true worth of ourselves and others. When this happens, empathy and compassion, as well as respect, are no longer important, which can also lead to actively working against others for our own gain.

In addition, attachment to our own ideas can be problematic when they are purposefully harming others. Of course, we can be attached passionately to our own beliefs. That is part of what defines us. However, imposing those beliefs on others takes us away from the spiritual path because respect is missing.

Living In The Spiritual World

Living spiritually means releasing  our attachments to what the world offers. It also helps us control our ego minds so we can live on a higher plane of existence. Let’s take a look at non-attachment.


Through non-attachment, we can also be walking the spiritual path. Non-attachment means not attached, acceptance of what is. With this point of view, we can have possessions, and relationships, but they do not define us. They are important to us because we are human. However, we allow them to come and go without severe impact. Some may be more important to us than others, but we know and accept that change is inevitable. We are aware our possessions, feelings, or experiences will not last. Regardless of what changes, we accept it as part of the flow of life.

This acceptance of life as it comes to us is important. On the spiritual path, our goal is to be reunited with God. Since the imperfections of our life are the blocks to that goal, holding on to them only keeps us from achieving it. Once we let go, through non-attachment and acceptance, the clearer the path becomes. This clarity gives new meaning to our lives, so it is possible to look at the world through new eyes. In doing so, there is a realization we are in the world but not of it. Turning within to understand the meaning of our existence is a profound place to be.

Not only does this realization raise our own vibration, but as it increases, this higher level of being influences all people, places and things we encounter. We may not even be aware, but the higher vibrations we achieve help make the world a better place to live. We let go of our ego, and allow all to be who they are, as they are.


Materialism, with all that is connected to it, brings a low vibration to us and the planet. It is limiting and blocks our true purpose for being here. Walking the spiritual path offers a different perspective to each of us. It offers a higher form of love, respect, and happiness. It is not an easy path to walk as we live our life on earth, but it is the most rewarding. What path are you walking? Adonai.