The following are two transmissions regarding love and oneness from the benevolent, higher conscious being, Ra, who comes from another part of our Universe. Ra is sending transmissions to us as a means to assist in our evolution as a species, as well as our individual ascension. I have received the messages during times of meditation. Ra has communicated with others in the past. Documentation of that communication is in a book entitled, The Law of One: Book 1 The RA Material, compiled by Elkins, Rueckert, and McCarty in 1984.

The first transmission, dated 9/26/17: I am Ra. We are Ra. You are Ra. We are all one. More and more of you are understanding this. It is up to you to bring the light to others, to teach them through your example the meaning of love and brotherhood, the meaning of oneness.

Allow yourself to open to this purpose. Do not be afraid. Fear keeps you in darkness. The love of the Creator is always with you shining light to your very core. Allow this light to burn brighter each day. Have the courage to show it to the world. Let everyone know how blessed you are. Every one of you can understand this blessing when you open to love.

Trust in love. It is the only truth. All else is an expression of ego. You create your life. Use your ego to manage it on a functional level, but use love as your guide. That is all for now.

The second transmission, dated 10/4/17: [I asked the question: What is oneness?] I am Ra. We are Ra. You are Ra. We are all one. On the physical level, you are an individual experiencing separateness, your oneness. Your separateness is to help you understand duality in your world. It enables you to experience many states of being in this physical form. You have chosen this path because you wish to expand your consciousness. You are a creator, helping to broaden yourself, your fellow humans, your Earth and your Universe.

Everything is energy. Every single thing is connected on the atomic level, so in that regard, physically we are all one. But spiritually, we are one as well. Each of you has always been in existence and always will be. Your time on this planet is brief compared to your eternity. All are an extension of the Creator. This is our connection to each other, our oneness. Our physical and spiritual purpose is to continue our expansion until we have reached perfection and unity with the Creator.

As you go about your day interacting with others, remember your connection, and treat each other with kindness, compassion, and love. Keep in touch with your spiritual self as you live your earthly life. Call on your spiritual guides to assist you in remembering who you really are: a spiritual being in a physical form. We are all evolving together, Dear Ones. Profit from your time on Earth. Your expansion serves not only yourself, but every individual. You chose to be here. Make the most of it. It is so and so it is.