Our purpose for being on this earth plane is to grow closer to perfection, closer to God. In this essay, we will look at some questions about growth and tools to help us.. What is growth? Can we recognize the need for growth? How do we approach growth? Do we recognize when we’ve grown?

What is Growth?

Growth is expansion. It is potential being released. Everyone and everything on earth grows and expands. This planet and the universe is expanding as well  Growth is a means of elevating understanding of yourself, others, and your world. You are always growing, whether you realize it or not.  Since you are constantly growing, the question is not whether you grow, but how you grow. Ideally, growth is a positive adventure, but it is unrealistic to expect everything in life to be positive and uplifting all the time.There will always be difficult situations which may be confounding and which hold you back. Fortunately, there are tools for growth that you can use for many, if not all conditions.

Recognizing the Need for Growth

An important tool for growth is recognition. Are you tuned in to yourself and aware of your purpose? Do you understand when you are moving forward, standing still, or falling back? Moving forward means life gets better and better. Standing still means life is on hold. Falling back implies life is a downward spiral. So, it is important to recognize which track you are on.

You may be unaware of the power you hold within yourself to control your life. So perhaps, you tend to react to situations, not respond to them. A reaction usually comes as a push-back. A response has some thought behind it. A negative reaction is a sign of loss of control or power. A positive or negative response keeps you in charge. Becoming aware of a repeated reaction that causes unhappiness is helpful. In fact, your emotions are key indicators of which path you are on. Positive emotions tell you you’re expanding, Negative emotions indicate you are standing still or falling back. Through this recognition, you can pinpoint just where you are. Unpleasant reactions that become unpleasant patterns indicate a need to take a good look at yourself. Chronic unhappiness may indicate it’s time to make some changes.

Change is Growth

When you recognize a pattern in your life that is causing unhappiness, it’s time to change. Change is another tool for growth. Here are some suggestions: 1) Find a way to make yourself happier. This often involves a change of perspective. Looking at a situation differently can be helpful. 2) Try seeing it from another person’s point of view. 3) Search for a lesson that can be learned. Every circumstance, good or bad, is an opportunity for growth. 4) Accept that you are responsible for yourself and your feelings. No one can make you be angry, jealous, frustrated, or fearful. 5) Emotions come from your own thoughts and your thoughts can be changed. Your thoughts are your reality, 6) Every time you say “I can’t change…” or “He/she made me…,”  you give your power away. It’s up to you to take your power back.  Change your thinking and you change your world.

So, listen to others, but do not be ruled by them. Gather advice, or information, but make decisions based on your own needs. Appreciate what others offer, but always consider what is best for you. Take your power back. Use the tools for growth that are kept in your tool bag. When you do, you will feel happier, more confident, and able to handle whatever comes your way.