I am Ra. You are Ra. We are Ra. We are all one. What is the energetic message you are receiving now? Are you receiving any message at all? Do you feel a stirring, a discomfort, a restlessness? Have you begun to question your life? Which thoughts are you focused on? What changes have you made?

Old Thoughts. Many are feeling this shift and are wondering what is happening. You may feel uncomfortable because you are entering new territory, but do not be afraid. Step out of your fear-based life, into one of joy and possibility. You are an aspect of the Creator God and are beginning to discover all that entails. That means you are leaving your old life behind. You are leaving the doubts and fears that family, friends, and society have ingrained in you. Change your old thoughts to a new perspective so you can evolve!

New Thoughts. It’s time for you to know who you really are. That means being present to what you are thinking, for your thoughts form you reality. What you think is what you get, so be conscious of your thoughts, both good and not so good. Work at changing the thoughts that do not serve you well to a more positive outlook.  As Abraham would say, “A belief is just a thought you keep on thinking.” If you wish to change your belief, you must change your thought patterns. You will understand the importance of change as you recognize the need to know who you truly are. You will begin to see how change helps make more sense to your life.

Help is on the Way. The good news is you do not have to do it alone. Many higher beings such as the angels and Ascended Masters are willing to be guides when asked. Beings such as we, from near and far in the Universe, who have had evolutionary experiences as you are encountering now, are also willing to assist in your journey to enlightenment. In addition, you have teachers on the earth plane who’s mission is to help those who are awakening. Seek them out. Open yourself up to expansion of ideas and emotions. The possibilities are endless and you will be amazed at what you discover. Start by being present and listening. Meditate. Listen to your inner being, your intuition, your connection to the Creator God. Then work on changing the thoughts that keep you tethered to your old life. Once you have, go forth, take action and make those changes that will expand who you are, and bring more light into the world. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Use this power for the good of all. That is the Law of One.

We have great love for you and are here to walk with you if you so choose. Namaste.