The Spirit in us is a motivating force for good. It is our life energy, beliefs, truths, morality, and conscience. It is only partially true that these descriptive words can be attributed to outside influences. There is also an underlying force of the Universe that is the foundation for them all. To name many: God, Goddess, Source, Yahweh, Allah, Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, Nirvana. Prana, Chi, Ki. or the Void.

Life Energy

Our life energy is more than the heart beating, our lungs breathing, and the brain thinking. Life energy is not something we produce ourselves. It is a sustaining gift from the Highest Being to sustain us during dire times, as well as the high points.

When our life energy is low, physical energies are depleted, emotions become negative, and our perspective on life can turn to despair and unhappiness. We do have a choice, however. We can work to change the situation. The Spirit in us is always ready to assist.


Our beliefs are formed by influences from the outer world. Some of these are family, friends, society, religions, governments and politics, and media, to mention a few. It starts from the very beginning of life. Our belief system is formed from the time we are born. How we use the information is entirely up to us. We take in huge amounts of information all the time. As we do, we sift and sort it to determine what we want to retain or discard. Some of this is conscious and some unconscious.

No one knows why or how some people with ‘difficult’ backgrounds turn out ‘well’. Others succumb to the influences of their early years and continue to experience hardship throughout their life. On the other hand, there are those with many advantages, who also use their circumstances for better, or worse. There is something deeper within us that underlies how our lives are formed. We can acknowledge it, or deny it. However, regardless of the beliefs we develop and sustain in our life, the spirit in us is our foundation. So, ask yourself what kind of life you want for yourself. Call on the spirit in you to help you with the answer. We can choose it and rely on it any time for our good. It is a core belief.


Our truths are what we hold closest to us. They are our core beliefs. A truth guides us in life. Some examples of truths are:

  • I have to be perfect.
  • It is my believe that all people are good.
  • I need to make a lot of money.
  • My purpose is to be of service.
  • Life is good.
  • Life sucks.

For some people, truths are primarily egocentric. It’s all about themselves. Others hold broader and more inclusive truths. When we recognize the spirit in us as our guide, we make appropriate decisions. We recognize when to care of ourselves over others, and vice versa.


Our morality comes from our truths. This definition of morality comes from Merriam-Webster: ‘conformity to ideals of right human conduct.’ So, morals are the principles of right and wrong in behavior. We think of morals as how we treat others. However, morals include how we conduct ourselves in the world generally. They apply in business, politics, education, the media, and the environment, toward animals, vegetation, and minerals.

How much or how little you feel morality plays a part in all these areas, is an indication of the strength of the spirit within you.


Our conscience takes its voice from within us, as well as the outer world. It’s how we put our beliefs, truths, and morals together to make decisions about situations. That word, situation, is key. Many people live their lives according to how the situation presents itself. In this scenario there may be degrees of morality at play. Truth shifts, depending on the circumstance. The conscience is weak. However, when we live our life with integrity, our conscience is strong. We are listening and being guided by the spirit in us.

In conclusion, there are several aspects to consider when talking about spirit. Spirit is the foundation for all we are. The areas discussed in this essay are the parts that go into making us happy, productive humans. When spirit is strong, we have positive beliefs, firm truths about what is important, live a moral life, and trust our conscience to help us live in integrity. Adonai.