take back your powerThis month, the Archangels Raziel, Jeremiel, and Chamuel wish to broaden your understanding of happiness, productivity, and transitions. That is to say, they will guide you in this process. They will help you to tap in to your personal power, as well as embrace the changes and transitions that enhance it, Always remember, the advice from the Archangels can be broad or specific for you. Some or all of it may pertain, so use whatever makes sense to you.

Take Back Your Power!

Archangel Raziel has spoken of personal power in other readings. As a reminder, he states, “Use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life.” To clarify, you all are connected with God- however you choose to name the Creator Being. This connection exists whether or not you realize it, or choose to accept it. Since God is all-powerful, so are you when you are both in alignment. Your intuition is your God-connection, so tap in to it for spiritual help.

Here is some guidance. First, your awareness is important. Be present and in tune to your gut feelings. They are telling you the best way to proceed. By following them, you are keeping your power strong. Second, your emotions are potent guides. When you feel positive, you are in alignment. When feelings are negative, you have moved away from your connection to the Creator. Third, trusting your intuition and tuning in to your higher emotions help in the manifestation of blessings in your life. You are always manifesting. In other words, whatever thoughts you focus on are what is manifested. Consequently, a consistent, positive focus manifests good things in life. On the other hand, a unchanging, negative focus will manifest the opposite.

Your power is in how you decide to focus. Will you focus positively, or negatively to manifest your path? It is your responsibility, and yours alone, to determine how your life unfolds.

Life Review

Archangel Jeremiel tells us, “Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced.” As you decide to take back your power, being reflective is beneficial in moving forward. In other words, look at important aspects such as relationships, family, and job situations. Certainly, understanding your happiness factor in any aspect of your life gives you important information. This knowledge helps to point out which parts are in balance, and which are not.

Unhappiness, or dissatisfaction indicates energetic unbalance. So, being aware of the unbalance can lead to finding a solution to the problem. That is to say, knowing there is a problem is the first step toward more satisfaction. However, this knowledge must be used to make changes that will be beneficial. Although change can sometimes be difficult, when it leads to contentment, it is well worth it. Take back your power by changing those parts of life that do not serve you, step by step, a little at a time.

Career Transition

Finally, Archangel Chamuel tells you, “Your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change.” Personal reflection and making positive changes can include a different career. This may be necessary to take back your power and bring more satisfaction and happiness to you. People no longer stay in careers for life. This may be due to personal desire, or may come from economic changes in the workplace. Regardless, these types of changes can help explore alternative ways of living life.

In conclusion, the archangels encourage you to embrace a life of personal empowerment. Even when fear shows itself, they urge you to tap into your intuition to decide how best to lead a healthy, happy life. They have given suggestions. Now it is time for you to take the next step.