I am Ra. You are Ra. We are Ra and are all One. It is our wish to bring clarity about separation and connection. Our messages come to you through many beings, not only this writer.. In that way, you have a greater opportunity to find the voice that resonates deeply within. Listen to that voice, which is your link to the Oneness. It is your active embracing with the Oneness that will bring guidance, connection, and satisfaction to you, living your life on Earth..

Separation or Connection?

All humans believe they are separate beings, living life as individuals. You definitely are a unique individual on the three dimensional plane. In addition, deep within us all, we wish for connection, a feeling of belonging with others. Specifically, you are interacting with all that is on both the physical and the higher planes of existence. Each is a part of you because you are much more than just your physical existence. As you refine your life, you will find a greater clarity of who you are and why you are here. You will also make choices between the types and amount of connections you will make. Conversely, you will also determine how much separation feels comfortable.

Broaden Your Understanding

Begin by broadening your understanding of who you are. First and foremost, each of you is a spiritual being living a small part of your existence in human form. While physical, your goal is to learn to live as an individual attempting to connect to higher levels of being. How can you do this? Bring about a higher vibration of yourself by loving, forgiving, accepting, and being non-judgmental.

You, and only you, are responsible for your behavior on this life journey, just as others are responsible for theirs. That is the separation. So value yourself above those others even when they protest. This is a tall order, for it means being vigilant regarding what is best for you.. Take your cues for living from your inner guidance, not from the expectations of others. Although this is often easier said than done, life on Earth is a process of moving from living for others to living for yourself. As this transition occurs, you come to realize how important it is for yourself, as well as all others. That is your connection.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you will become ‘psychic’ in some way, like reading people’s auras. It does mean you will have greater ability to access your intuition, which is your connection to Source, or God. That connection is the best guidance you can tap into. It will help you find happiness, balance, and peace of mind.

What About Oneness?

Oneness is both physical and spiritual. A positive connection with people means you approximate oneness more closely on this planet. However, oneness is not physical and it is not about everyone thinking the same about everything. On this plane, it is a connection, or at least an acceptance of all others. This acceptance is extremely important, regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender, philosophy, sexual orientation, or intellect.

Oneness is also a spiritual connection everyone can and will attain in the higher levels of consciousness. This will occur as each of us evolves toward that which is called ascension. It is the end result of the spiritual work done in physical form. Ascension may also be referred to as the states of enlightenment, or nirvana. At these higher levels of consciousness, there is no competition, war, greed, or the like.


Everyone has the opportunity to decide the degree of separation or connection they choose to live with in this life. What is your choice? Adonai.