There are many ways to raise your vibration all by yourself. Most of them are obvious. For example, one is gratitude and appreciation for all you are and have. Just being conscious of what you are doing and how it can help makes a big difference. So let’s take a look at raising your vibration through inner work.

Self Love

Self love is a powerful means of maintaining a very high vibration. It is not selfish or egotistical love, but rather an inner understanding that you are a valuable human being, capable of love, compassion, and forgiveness. When you love self, you take responsibility for who you are and what you do.You do not compromise yourself because you have integrity. You are grateful for your life and all life gives you, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The phrase, ‘It’s all good.” is an understanding that everything that comes your way is for your benefit if you allow it to be.

Meditation and Prayer

Other means of raising your vibration all by yourself come from meditation and/or prayer. Sitting in solitude to pray to the Creator is also meditative. You are taking time to connect to a power you recognize as greater than yourself. This is a humble act that puts aside ego. It also puts aside the connection to the physical, at least for a period of time. The more involved you are with prayer or meditation, the more you raise your vibration.

Meditation, practiced over time, can be beneficial to improving your life and raising your vibration. It can be a calming, settling influence and can lift your mood. Many people try to meditate and give up because they feel they are not ‘doing it right’. The mind is naturally active, so to expect to clear it completely when starting out is close to impossible. However, the ultimate purpose of meditation is connection to the Divine. Make that connection in whatever way appeals to you, but don’t give up.  For example, guided meditations, walking meditations, silent ones, sound, and breath work all yield similar results. So, if one form of meditation doesn’t work for you, try something else.

Religion and Spirituality

For some, religion is very important. They connect with God through living their life in a congregation of like-minded people. They choose the structure of a particular religion and follow the tenets it espouses. The beliefs, structure and community contribute to the stability of their life, helping to raise their vibration. They achieve meaning beyond the physical in their life.

Others prefer to follow a spiritual path. Often, this path is metaphysical, rather than following the structure of a religion. There are many avenues you can follow on your metaphysical journey. They range from simply feeling one with nature, to meditation, to expanding into energy work for yourself and/or others. Also, metaphysics is expansive in what it encompasses, from oneness, to reincarnation, to multidimensionality.

Regardless of your particular belief system, the purpose of the spiritual person is similar to that of the religious person. You are both striving to understand and improve yourself and connect to the Creator, or Source. In doing so, you are raising your vibration.


Forgiveness is another way to raise your vibration by yourself. It starts with you. Every time you let go of an affront by another, you are freeing up space in your heart. In this way, you let a burden go. You lighten your load. This does not mean what was done was insignificant, or somehow made all right by your forgiveness. Forgiveness has little to do with the other person. It has everything to do with you and your ability to release lower energies that hold you back from a happier life. In addition, you are not under obligation to continue any relationship that has been hurtful.

How do you know if you have truly forgiven another? You can tell when you no longer think about or react to the offense.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Feelings of gratitude for even the smallest things are uplifting. Often, people take their possessions and their lives for granted. When you consciously recognize the many things you can be grateful for, you feel better. From seeing the sun shine, or feeling a breeze blowing against your face, to the larger things in life, be grateful. Appreciate the possessions you have, the people you know, and the life you are living. Make changes if some of these things no longer serve you well. It has been proven that grateful people are happy ones. So, it’s an easy fix. You just have to consciously do it.

In conclusion, there are many ways to raise your vibration. In this essay and the previous one (alternatives), I offered ideas on how you can help yourself. Everyone deserves to live a happy life. There are many means to ensure one for you. Ultimately, it is up to you to find what works for you. Best wishes. Adonai.