This angel card reading shares positive personal predictions for us all. We only have to recognize how helpful they can be to benefit from them. Opportunities come in many forms both positive and negative. Each provides a lesson from which to learn and grow. It’s easy to accept the positive ones because they help our lives flow so well. The negative situations that come up in life may be more difficult to deal with, but they hold valuable lessons. Enjoying the positive and correcting the negative keeps us on the right path.

I am using the Archangel Power Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue, PhD and Radleigh Valentine. The cards chosen are the Knight of Raphael, the Queen of Raphael and the Page of Michael. The suit of Raphael is all about love, family, dreams and hopes. Additionally, the suit of Michael is about using our intellect to solve our challenges through communication, speaking our truth, and understanding we always have choices.

Knight of Raphael: Romantic, Dramatic, Poetic, Introspective

Positive Personal Predictions: Committed romantic relationships. Being swept off your feet. Situations or topics that make your heart flutter.

Doreen says, “Be prepared to be swept off your feet! Someone has the ability to bring deep emotions to the surface. This card often represents falling in love! It can also herald creative or artistic proposals and career opportunities, as well as situations or topics that make your heart flutter happily.”

Commitment in a relationship brings security, as well as happiness. We recognize that a happy relationship will continue when we work to keep it that way. Everyday life can wear away at the excitement we once shared. Therefore, it is important to renew our commitment periodically in different ways. Taking our commitment for granted will weaken it.

This card is also a reminder to reinforce your commitment to creativity. How do you keep your juices flowing? It doesn’t matter if you are creating a meal, engaging in an artistic endeavor, or working to further your career. It’s all about keeping yourself open to new possibilities. The Knight is introspective. He takes the time to think about what, how, and why he’s doing something. If it’s not helping his ‘heart flutter’, he looks to find something that will.

Life should be a series of engaging events which keep you interested. It is not about life coming to you, but you living life

Queen of Raphael: Kind, Understanding, Giving, Psychic

Positive Personal Predictions: Follow your heart! A love of home and family. Trustworthy psychic information

Radleigh tells us, “Your heart is your greatest strength! Expect relationships with others to develop to a new level. Someone is in the perfect position to help another person understand his or her own feelings. An immense love of home and family is also in evidence. Any psychic or intuitive information that arises is completely reliable.”

The queen is reinforcing the idea of continually, over time, committing to an important relationship.
This may be a romantic one, the bonds that hold a family together, or a very deep friendship.

The idea of individuality is very strong in this society. It can help us be better, stronger, or it can isolate us to the detriment of others. The idea of family and community is a very important one. These two units support us and reinforce us when everyone works for the highest good of all. It is true, each person has a responsibility for taking care of him or herself. However, we have a responsibility as well for contributing to the betterment of our family and society. That means mutual love and respect, even when our ideas are different.

Tuning in to our intuition helps us do the right thing. Our ‘gut feeling’ helps us tell right from wrong. It is our connection to our Higher Self and Source energy. So, be present to how you are feeling about any situation. You’ll ultimately be happy you did.

Page of Michael: Truthful, Perceptive, Analytical, Blunt

Positive Personal Predictions: An exciting new challenge! You have what it takes to succeed. Review contracts or documents very thoroughly.

Doreen shares, ” An exciting new challenge is coming! Life brings you something unexpected, but don’t worry- you have what it takes to proceed successfully. Yopersonal positive predictionsur intellect and ability to discern the truth are the only tools you’ll need. Don’t hesitate to do research or ask for assistance from those with the right expertise, Business or legal contracts will need thorough review.”

Challenges come in many shapes and forms. Some can feel daunting, while others are invigorating. Regardless of which appears, you have the ability to meet it as long as you are confident. Remember, you do not have to face it on your own.  There are others willing to help if you think things through first.

First, understand why you want to accomplish your project. How will it benefit yourself, as well as others. Second, determine what you want to do. Sometimes our ideas are either too broad, or too narrow. What feels like you can accomplish it? Then, figure out how you will do it. Can you manage on your own, or will you need advice or help? Will you work with others or is this a project you wish to handle on your own? When you map out your ideas and needs initially, your plan has a good chance to work.

Finally, make sure all legal documents or contracts are fair and explicit. Be trustworthy and truthful in all you do.

In conclusion, the archangels want to emphasize that personal and family relationships are important because they are a matter of the heart. However, the relationships we form with others who may be able to help us along our path are equally as important. They may not necessarily involve love, but they most certainly involve integrity. Adonai.