I am Ra. You are Ra. We are Ra. We are all One. Be conscious and aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts are your reality, your world. They reflect who you are. They manifest your life and influence others. They contribute to the Collective Consciousness, which is the sum of all thoughts. This Consciousness can reflect positivity or negativity, depending on how the majority thinks. Right now, it appears the Collective Consciousness is reflecting very strong fear which is represented by the chaos of the world you see. However, take heart, for there is much more positivity in the world than you are aware.

How can you contribute to the positivity? Be responsive, not reactive. Reaction comes from habit. It is a visceral act that stems from the emotions you feel. Remember, you have a choice always. You can react or respond. Response is a conscious act. It is deliberate and thoughtful. Through your response, you can manifest any desired outcome by considering clearly what you want. It takes some work, but don’t turn away from this effort, this examination. It can make a huge difference in your life. Stop and look at your thoughts, both positive and negative. Consider whether these thoughts serve you well, or whether they perpetuate an undesirable situation. The more you are conscious of your thinking, the more power you have to consistently create something better.

Ask yourself what kind of life you want to live. Is it one filled with joy, harmony, love and peace? If so, ignore the disharmony that presents itself and focus on the higher emotions. The more you put aside lower thoughts, the better your life will be. We know you want a happy, contented life, and we also know you are often willing to live life in the default mode. It is easier because so much of life is learned response that is habituated and becomes automatic. However, if you are unhappy with the same old, same old, you would do well to begin to make some changes in your thinking to manifest something better.

You are spiritual beings in human form, who have come to expand yourself as well as the Universe. Repeating the same lower vibrational patterns of your life keeps you stagnant. Expansion involves changing your reality to something different, more empowering, loving and joyous. Do not contribute to the Collective Consciousness of fear which is obviously rampant in this world right now. There is nothing to fear, even though there is much that is unsettling. The deep lower energies have functioned for thousands of years to keep most of humanity powerless. Thought forms have enabled this to happen.

Now, with intent, your thoughts can also change this so-called reality. Please understand, you are in the process of evolution, so change is inevitable.The good news is that even though you see chaos and fear, it is really on the way out. It is holding its power as tightly as it can, but it will not prevail. Evolution means advancement, and that is exactly what is being manifest. You have reached a tipping point in your world that is bringing in the higher energies of love, light, harmony, and peace. That is because more people are waking up to the possibility of a better life and are making changes by shifting their thought patterns deliberately to create what they truly desire.

Everyone wants to feel good, and it is your birthright. When consciously considering your thoughts, and choosing positively, you add the energy of love to the Collective Consciousness. As this consciousness grows and spreads, life on earth will become more balanced and peaceful. Do your part in raising your own vibration, as well as that of humanity and Mother Earth, with powerful positive thoughts. If you would like to read more about this subject, head to our article, Thoughts For Change.

So be it, and so it is.