I am Ra. You are Ra. We are Ra. We are all One. Greetings for the New Year. In this coming year, it will be important to pay attention to what you listen to and to discern the truth. The “fake news” is everywhere, not only in the media, but in everyday life. Be careful who you believe and who you trust. We hope you are ready to listen to us, a collective consciousness of higher beings, for we would like to be of service to you.

We notice that humans have a great deal of resistance, manifesting as lower energies of unhappiness. This is because you fear you’ll get it ‘wrong’, whatever it happens to be. You feel your separation when you are in competition with others and yourselves. The good news is you can never get it wrong because you are perfect as is. You may think you are a separate being, but in truth you are not. You are a spiritual being in human form. However, you forget your perfection and your connection to All That Is, the Higher Power, when you believe you are ‘wrong’. On this planet, you forget a great deal and react rather than discern. Whichever you choose, though ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, assists you to understand yourself and the cosmos better. By discerning the truth in each case, you walk the evolutionary path. That will eventually return you to a deeper consciousness of All That Is.

In either the state of happiness or unhappiness, there is an opportunity to discern the truth, and learn from it. Conscious focus on one or the other yields greater understanding about yourself. It also enables you to make decisions on how to proceed in life. Do you ask yourself, would I rather be happy or unhappy? There is a great deal of power in knowing the answer to this question. In doing so, you tap into the insight of your evolutionary process. That is, indeed, the purpose of your being here. You were not randomly plopped down on earth to live a life of only material purpose. No, dear ones, you made the decision to come here to experience the evolution of your spiritual progress through the choices you can make here. Have no doubt, you are evolving whether you realize it or not. And understand, there is no right or wrong way to evolve, and no deadline to make. Each walks your own path, however you feel the best way may be. Know that you will be completely evolved when you are.

While you are in human form, each of you through your thoughts, adds to the collective consciousness of mankind on this planet. Presently, this consciousness is filled with a great deal of fear, which is reflected in the chaos of life. You see it in a variety of areas: personal, societal, economic, government, and religion. In truth, though it does not appear to be so, this consciousness is beginning to move more strongly toward light, love, and peace. because there is a pronounced craving in a large part of the population for a better world. If this is your desire, you are contributing to the shift which will work for the benefit of all mankind. However, it is not enough to have the desire. Action is crucial at this time. It is time to discern the truth. Living a life of love, light, and peace can make a powerful statement to those around you. It can contribute to the benefit of the mass consciousness. What you do for yourself, you do for all others. So be discerning in the choices you make. It is important. Are you choosing a higher order of being, or are you still mired in the materialism of this planet? Your feelings are your guide. Happiness and satisfaction are signs of the love and light in your heart for yourself and others. Anything other is an indication that you are feeling separation from All That Is. Work on making change that will lead you to a higher state of being, filled with self love.

Focus on your thoughts, for they create your world. Make a conscious decision how you wish to live your life. Will it be in happiness or something less?

This message is not new or unique. It comes from us as a reminder through this person, but similar messages have been channeled through others from many higher beings who have your best interest at heart. You are loved thoughout the Universes for your bravery and your amazing progress, even though it does not appear that way at this time. No other beings in the vastness of the Universes have achieved that which you have on your evolutionary path in such a short time. Take heart that you are on a journey that will amaze you as you continue to go forth. You have only just begun to tap into the potential you possess. Believe it to be true and you will be all you have dreamed and more. It is so, and so it is.